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  1. Purple Glad?

    I was flipping through the Extreme Terrain catalog and saw a purple JT today. Obviously has to be a render, but what do you all think? I kinda like it, not more than my Gator of course! but I could see a market. What color do you want to see for MY23?
  2. Pennsylvania Rubicon Skid Plate $100

    Rubicon skid plate, brackets and hardware to fit a plastic bumper. Local pick up, or will drive about an hour to meet. $100
  3. Peter's Mill Run 7/2/22

    My wife and I just planned a weekend getaway with the family to do Peter's Mill Run and earn the badge over the weekend of the 4th. Planning on doing the trail, Saturday the 2nd if anyone wants to join!
  4. Pennsylvania Halogen tail lights, $150

    Pair of Halogen Tail lights from 2020 JT. Asking $150 for the pair.
  5. June trip to CO. Renting a Jeep/Suggested trails

    Hi CO jeepers! My wife any I are going to CO in June to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Our only plan currently is to see Glass Animals at Red Rocks and otherwise wanted to rent a Jeep and do some offroading, see some sights and visit some breweries. We have been out once before and...
  6. Anyone break the rear glass on a hardtop yet?

    Because I just did: In what was otherwise a fun and eventful day with the Jeep truck, I ended up cracking the rear glass loading a grill into the bed at Lowe's. I was hurrying and haste makes waste as they say. 🤬 A few questions for anyone with some experience or guidance. Am I best off...
  7. Retro inspired JL build - YJL by Quadratec

    Came across this today and thought it would be great to share. Quadratec did a 30th anniversary build with a JL and it looks great. Pretty cool idea for JT build I think too!’s-yjl-jeep-wrangler-debuts-to-celebrate-30th-anniversary.65150/
  8. Grand Cherokee L

    Not really posting to compare to the Gladiator but looking for thoughts on the new 3 row Cherokees. Here's an article I found on the available 4WD options: Anyone have any...
  9. DE surf fishing permits

    Just wanted to have a quick PSA that the Surf-fishing permits for Deleware state parks for 2021 are now available! With the permit, you'll get access to DE state park beaches for the purpose of surf fishing. You are supposed to be "actively engaged" in fishing, so it's not for jumping dunes...
  10. Fun little carwash poll

    So I gave the Gladiator a car wash yesterday, as it got a little dirty this weekend playing in some mud. But it got me wondering how many people on here actually wash their trucks by hand? My wife doesn't like how long it takes but there are a lot of crevices and of course I want to do a good...
  11. Aftermarket LSD on Sport S

    Anyone add an aftermarket limited slip differential to a Sport S and want to share their experience?? I'd like to add some traction capability but don't really want to air lockers and not sure if e-lockers are even available yet or fit my budget. Please let me know thoughts on this, and maybe...
  12. Pennsylvania Sold: WTB: Rubicon takeoff suspension

    Looking for Rubicon takeoff suspension. I'm in south central/eastern PA and can be to parts of MD, DE, WV, within an hour or as well. $350 seems to be the going rate, I'd pay $400 for low miles. Thanks!
  13. 3 kids, no 3rd row vehicle

    So my wonderful wife just gave birth to our 3rd (and final) child. I have the three seats set up in the back of the JT, and our other vehicle is a Mazda CX-5 that's just about paid off with 50k miles. We are not convinced that a three row vehicle is a must, so does that make us crazy? We feel...
  14. Pennsylvania Sold: 4 Stock Sport S Wheels with Dueller A/T's + Spare

    4 Sport S stock wheels with 245/75/17 Dueller A/T's and unmounted Spare for sale. No scratches or patches, TPMS included, 3500 miles, spare was never used. $350 OBO, located in South Central PA, willing to travel about an hour to complete the transaction.
  15. M/T's and Snow

    First off, I've read enough to know these aren't a match made in heaven, but I have some questions for anyone with real life experience on this. I recently picked up Rubicon takeoff M/Ts for my Sport S and originally was intending on on putting up my stock wheels with the Dueller A/Ts in the...
  16. Door electric connector issue

    Going to admit defeat right outta the gate here... I had the dorrs off for a couple of weeks and when I put them back on my driver side door can't get a good connection. Only thing that works is the window, can't control the mirrors, dome lights don't turn on when I open it, and so on. Any...