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  1. Pants or Panties in a bundle

    Ordered Apex disconnects on March 20th, showed they were in stock when in reality it was a 4 week lead time, was fine with that as they were listed at the old price. May 9th rolls around, no status on my order, 6 weeks. Apex has them in stock now, while the vendor I bought them from still...
  2. New trick

    Doesn't work on mine, I was able to lock the keys in. 2020 Sport. It DOES work on my Dad's 2020 Rubicon, wonder if it's a Rubicon/Overland vs Sport thing, or a proximity locks option thing, as that's the other notable difference. Another possibility is the specific radio you have, I have the...
  3. Wicked rear passenger head impact!! Updated JL crash test. Where is the rear side curtain?

    I believe the sensor for the adaptive cruise is just behind the windsheild, under the rear view mirror. I would believe that that location would be the best place for the sensors, if they're not there already.
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Did a face lift, and a little more... some before and after shots
  5. California Show Your Fender Flares

    The front ones will fit just fine, but the rear fender flares on the JL are different. I would rather get the full set than have a half matched set for god knows how long.
  6. North Carolina Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    I'm interested as well, put me next in line :)
  7. Sway Bar Disconnects

    I actually sent a follow up email yesterday, just waiting for a reply, if I have any issues I'll file a Paypal dispute, I believe its 180 days from purchase.
  8. Mojave Shock Rebuild timeframe from Fox = maximum of 50,000 miles

    That was the exact reason I held onto mine, temp solution just incase one of the Fox's got sick!
  9. Question about adding outlet to bed

    So for those of us who DON'T have the 115 interior outlet and therefore DON'T already have the inverter, would it be possible to add the Mopar inverter so that we can go ahead with this mod? Does anyone have the part number?
  10. Rear Steps for Your JT Rubicon are Available Now!

    The last thread on this that they posted, they had a separate version that was meant to replace the Rubi Rails, so hopefully they're still working on that. I got impatient and just ordered the DV8 bed protection, plus it meant that I wouldn't have to chop up my aftermarket bumper to make it fit.
  11. Group shot! All the family Jeeps in one photo! Let's see some Jeep familys!

    You're going to be disappointed! She bought the JK like that...from my old man😲
  12. Group shot! All the family Jeeps in one photo! Let's see some Jeep familys!

    Left to Right. My dad, me and my sister! One big Jeep family! Feel free to share yours!
  13. What is this? Mystery box on used Rubicon.

    So my dad just took delivery of a new to him Gladiator Rubicon. I was giving the truck an inspection after unloading from the flatbed after buying online, found it plugged into the OBDII port, tucked away behind the kickout panel. Doesn't look like any programer that I've seen. Bought the truck...
  14. Rear tailgate closure

    So just in case, before you go fiddling with anything like trying to adjust the latches, have you tried slamming it? My tailgate, ever since I got the truck, would have a gap at the passenger side, and the drivers side would be flush. Thought I needed to adjust the latches, then I read on the...
  15. California Show Your Fender Flares

    Waiting on the rears to release on the Bushwacker HyperForm flares for the Gladiator, dig the look and price, plus these will be perfect for 37's on a Sport. Very tempted to run their flat flares in the rear until they release the matching set, if they ever do!
  16. Bumper options with front trail cam

    The factory trail cam is a fairly rare (and expensive) option, most dealers just preorder certain combo packages, you have to manually select it. And to top it off, its a bear to install if you didn't get it with the factory, easily 1200$ and you have to tear apart the WHOLE interior to do it...
  17. The “Red Queen” -build and journey

    I really shouldn't be on this thread man, you're making me want to spend more on my own money pit! Looks great!
  18. I am a hippo-critter...😁

    If you're like me, what would happen is you are now the proud owner of a clapped out 'running' 996 because the body was straight and it was "only 5k' and now there are two money pits in the garage.