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  1. Installation and Review: Rugged Ridge Locking Hood Catch

    Ordered, received and now sitting in a pile with the rest of the accessories to be installed. Only two things remaining to be received: 1 - my Mojave and 2- the Fox 2.0 ATS steering stabilizer.
  2. Gladiator Exo Pak Bed Cap?

    Really like the looks of this. Sent them a contact me request to see if they can provide more info, like how much does it cost and if its available.
  3. 8 Speed Automatic Regrets?

    I can drive a manual but prefer the auto, mostly because I like to drink coffee while rolling through traffic on the way to work. Its fun to row the gears but in the end, auto for me is more practical.
  4. Installation and Review: Rugged Ridge Locking Hood Catch

    Happy Father's day to me, just ordered a set. Now just need the Mojave to arrive so i can install.
  5. Fantasy Gladiator Colors Anyone?

    Sunburst Orange Metallic
  6. Rear pillar cover blew off.

    Recommend hitting up Benny with
  7. Best Radio for Talking with Others in ORV Areas

    GMRS radios are the direction everyone seems to be going. There are plenty of handheld models that will work for what you are planning to do.
  8. ReadyLift Group Buy!!!!!

    Not to be rude but so tired of the Mojave edition being excluded from lift kits and deals like this.
  9. Show me your DUCKS !

    Until is arrives, just have to CM DUCKS.
  10. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    Hope you get it soon, mine is still sitting in Toledo waiting for a train for like three weeks now.
  11. Which wiring harness is prone to melting?

    I have read on here about a trailer wiring harness. But was due to backfeed when the trailer was hooked up to the truck and also plugged in to power at same time. Not sure about anything under the hood.
  12. Ordering Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    Most of us on here are biased to the Gladiator but many tend to add lift kits and bigger wheels/tires aftermarket. I bought the Glady just because of the truck bed and more towing capacity - 6,000 lbs. If all you want the JL for is the Recon package, buy the Gladiator and build your own.
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Disregard, found the links you posted.
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    That's a must have, do you have a link to where you got it from.
  15. Michigan Fox® 2.0 Through Shaft Stabilizer (Steering Damper)

    Sending you a message instead of using the forum.
  16. Michigan Fox® 2.0 Through Shaft Stabilizer (Steering Damper)

    Ok, what method of payment are you accepting?
  17. Order process start to finish. How long did it take yours?

    Ordered March 4th, built and sitting in Toledo for shipping. Tomorrow will be 10 weeks from ordering and still not at the dealer or in my driveway :(.
  18. What Backspace and offset?

    I have been looking at a +20 offset for clearance. Some others on here have been as much as +12 offset but that gives about 1.5 or more inches of tire outside the fender.