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  1. Calling all detectives

    This is what I’m thinking.
  2. Calling all detectives

    Yes’s under warranty. ‘21 with 12,000 miles. When CEL first came on we hooked it up to OBD. CEL was clearly lit when we checked and no error codes of any sort reported. The following day the with the CEL lit, the red battery indicator light lit up. Guess it’s off to the dealer to have...
  3. Calling all detectives

    Thought I would lean on the experts here as well but not a Gladiator question, but my wife’s JL. 1 year old JL with roughly 12,000 miles. After oil change this week the JL was throwing a constant CEL. Ran the codes and showed zero issues. CEL went out briefly then was back on the next day. That...
  4. 37's vs 38's

    37x13.5x17 Cooper STT Pro. They love to play on the rocks and stuff 😁 Nuff said.
  5. Solo trip on broken arrow

    Be sure to take your time and enjoy the scenery and take a lot of pics. Trail easily done with one. Avoid weekends if at all possible.
  6. Who's got my fuel mileage beat?

    18mpg ....37s, 3” lift, steel everything. I'm good.
  7. 8 Speed Automatic Regrets?

    Zero regrets.
  8. Your Guess On Tire Size In Picture Please, Thanks

    Oh hell yeah !!! I’m a winner. 😁
  9. The tough thing about reading too much about Wenches.

    BRB ....I’ve forgotten if my wench is blonde or brunette..... I have to go look.
  10. Jeep Badge of Honor Program Customer Service??

    It was a real issue a year or so ago. My understanding it is now in hands of Jeep. My most recent badges I have gotten in 2 weeks or less. When in Moab EJS, they were on a trail with us. They said they were getting it smoothed out. Good luck.
  11. Cooling Fans High Speed at Start Up.

    112 in Phoenix on? yep. 😁
  12. We installed 4.88s from a 4.10. (37” tire). Review, tips, and notes inside!

    I wouldn’t have done anything different. 4:88s all day long. My JT setup loves them. 18 mpgs All day long as well.
  13. Gladiator wrenching, blood and mishaps.

    If there isn’t some blood and a bit of swearing, what fun would it be.
  14. DEBATE Concluded - the Gladiator is a Truck!

    Oh. Hell. Yeah!! Say it out loud ....I dare you. 😁😁🤣
  15. Capital Reef Adventure 2022 in Gladiator Mojave

    Excellent post. My wife and I were just talking about this. It’s the last jewel in the Utah Big 5 that we have yet to do. Thinking of going up this year before they shut down for winter. Great pics of what looks to be a great trip. Even more motivation to make it happen soon. Thanks for posting.
  16. Front caliper torque specs

    Secondary question. I just received the SHTF pair of bolts to keep in my bag. Just in case. They are marked on the head as a KX2 10.9. The bolts on the JT from factory are marked KXV 10.9. without pulling it all apart tonight. Are these same bolts ? These are the Mopar bolts all sites said...
  17. Trail Mater recovery of rolled JT Gladiator on Pritchett Canyon Trail

    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. These Glads are more capable than some will give credit. Gladis loves Moab 😁 With that being said ....why would anyone do this? P Canyon. Nope. Anything else in Moab but Gladiator.
  18. Front caliper torque specs

    Correct. Caliper adapter bolts Are the ones I want. 144 it is. 👍🏻