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  1. Genesis dual battery issues

    Jeep Cares does not care. Is there even one documented case where they actually delivered a tangible results?
  2. Gladiator Quality Control Issues

    OK, that makes since now All my apologies ........reading my post from yesterday, it sounded a little bit on the douche side, which was not my intent
  3. Gladiator Quality Control Issues

    I can see the seat, but the windshield is no place near it. The OP needs to correct his statement.
  4. Gladiator Quality Control Issues

    How is your windshield leaking on to your seat........the physics involved there have me intrigued
  5. Windshield Poll: Regular OEM vs Gorilla Glass Durability

    I like how the Gorilla glass option went from $99 to $495 in a matter of 9 months
  6. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    I have a complete set of the PRP covers in Red for the order was cancelled and I went in on another house.
  7. Ugly or no?

    A little late to the party, but looks killer to have form and function
  8. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    I'm going to discuss building a resistor/connector for the seat airbags. A good buddy of mine is an electrical engineer and has done alot of work with GM and Mopar. I would get some new seats and not install the seat bags. I have gone this far in my life w/o airbags in my seat, I think I will...
  9. How many law breakers are there in New Jersey? Or, are you curious if your non-NJ JT is illegal someone other than where you live?

    When I lived in Hawaii we had normal inspections and then a RECON inspection for anything was a money grab.
  10. Lady ran a red light

    Its totaled, both front frame horns are swayed to the passenger side. Look at Copart, doesn't take much for the JTs to get totaled out.
  11. New Katzkin interior and a few pics from Santa Fe vacay [Underground Graphics Gladiator]

    Love the accent color. Whats the deal with the shifter balls LOL
  12. AHHHHH!!!!WTF? Aux switch help!

    Oh that would make me use my favorite four lettered F word in every manner possible too
  13. Has anyone noticed their gladiator burning oil

    I think the point the other members are trying to state is, you're assuming he never replaced the oil in the last 32,000 miles. The OP said his last oil change was done at 32,000
  14. Remote function fob not working when parked in large parking lot.

    Kevin, Yup, typo 802.11AC operates on 5Ghz 802.11AD operates on 60Ghz range(between 57-71Ghz) The JL/JT fobs operate on either 315Mhz or 434Mhz, based on the locksmith sites I have looked at
  15. Has anyone noticed their gladiator burning oil

    Burning oil is not the byproduct of non-use. Its the byproduct of excessive wear in the piston rings, valve guide seals or PCV issues.
  16. Remote function fob not working when parked in large parking lot.

    WiFi (IEEE 801.11xx) operates on 3 different parts of the RF spectrum: 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 60ghz (802.11AD only) - fixed my typo The cameras would be on the same freqs if they're running in a wireless mode instead of over ethernet or coax. Now I'm curious to see what freq these remotes work on now
  17. Remote function fob not working when parked in large parking lot.

    Having a specialty in Electronic Warfare and working in the RF spectrum............99% its an interference issue. The key fobs/remotes fall under Part 15 of the FCC. Being the keyfob/remote is a transmitter, it falls into this category. There are many more items that fall under this then the...
  18. Has anyone noticed their gladiator burning oil

    Definitely excessive for a motor that's only about a year old
  19. Official: Hurricane Twin-Turbo 3.0 I-6 Coming for Jeep With Over 500 HP and 475 ft-lbs!

    I think they need to make a 2.5T I5, it would fit the JL/JT perfectly and would be a nice bump in power and torque. 2019 - 2.0T E Torque 270 hp / 295 ftlbs with eTorque and ESS 2.5T I5 could be based on the value of 4 to 5 would be a 20% increase of displacement with no change in turbo size...