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  1. Let me see the boats you’re towing

    Both my boats are 19’ with single axle trailers, around 3k lbs total. Waverunner is around 1k lbs. JT handles the boats with no problems
  2. Good tow today

    Towed my 19’ Four Winns about 120 miles today from MA to ME. Boat and trailer is around 3k lbs, had full tank of fuel, 3 adults, 2 dogs and a bunch of stuff and tools in the bed. Temp was 80 out, had cruise set at 68, oil ran between 215 to 220, trans and coolant ran between 198 and 205, got...
  3. Bought a second Gladiator

    Who makes it?
  4. Oil catch can - feedback?

    I did a generic from Amazon, worked well, produces about 8 ounces every 2500 miles.
  5. Dealer overfilled oil

    Totally agree, 👍👍 my heated steering wheel stopped working, I am dreading taking it in, too expensive to fix myself.
  6. Hitch receiver needed!

    There is a JT I see at my son’s school, it has an aftermarket hitch on it, hangs down below the bumper a little for the entire cross bar, I don’t like the look compare to oem, oem looks much cleaner.
  7. Motorcycle riders? What do you ride? Pic/Info Thread!

    2005 ZRX1200R and 1995 Virago 1100
  8. Rubicon with no aux switches?

    Yes, I have the back lights in my ditch lights wired to their own switch I just leave it on and it stays on.
  9. Rubicon with no aux switches?

    One cool thing with OEM is it is programmable to remember last state and also can be momentarily or latching depending on what you are connecting to it.
  10. Where can I find AEV Hood Decal?

    From what I recall AEV doesn’t sell any of their stickers. I think there a few sellers on eBay that may sell knock offs.
  11. Anyone seen frame scratches and cracked weld paint on new Gladiators?

    I think it is just a bad paint job, welds are fine, I would get a couple cans of Steel It paint if you live in an area that doesn’t use road salt, if you do live in an area with salt use black Fluid Film or any of the other similar rust inhibitor sprays.
  12. "Lifetime", Lifeguard 8-9 Speed ATF (Is this semi-synthetic oil good "forever"??) 24k kms.

    If I have learned anything from this site it is to not mess with the automatic transmission. Pretty sure it is 5year/60k mile warranty.
  13. Mojave Tire Downgrade

    I decent all season tire in the same size or a little smaller should be an improvement in handling, the different offset of the Mojave wheels is very small, as I recall it is +37 vs +44 used on all most of the other JTs. My JT came with the same 4.10 gears as the Mojave but smaller and much...
  14. New tires/wheels TPMS help?

    Check witch tpms sensors they used, they had a change recently and there are two different types used on the JT. My guess would be they used the older version and your JT has the most recent frequency ones. Torque should be the same, the threads are the same size just the lug size is different...
  15. Mojave Tire Downgrade

    What tires did your Mojave come with? ATs or MTs.
  16. HYDRO BLUE PEARL Gladiator JT Club

    Light was good the other evening after I cleaned my JT, I like this color.
  17. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    That is the pressure I run, has worked out good so far, they go up 4-5 psi on a hot day on the highway
  18. Upgraded Comfort without sacrificing safety>> Recaro Seats with airbags

    Curious what would happen from an insurance standpoint if you remove the side airbags then have an accident where you sustain injuries the airbag could have potentially protected against.
  19. Toy/Hobby Pictures

    Recently picked up a couple street bikes to play around with, always wanted a ZRX1200r, found one nearby that was almost completely stock and unmolested.
  20. (I don’t like) Pina Colada’s and being caught in the rain

    Wow, any electrical damage from the water?