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  1. Home wifi help, complete non Jeep question?

    Fingers on the left Sausages on the right IDK
  2. Best Sturdy Fenders?

    I suspect it's more so the body isn't damaged. Your plastic fender's gonna be smoked if it comes to that, but the clips are to save the body panels... not save the fenders. Fenders are a lot cheaper and easier. Which is why I went with JCR. Probably less sturdy than Metal Cloak but I...
  3. Best Sturdy Fenders?

    Absolute sturdiest would be metal cloak, probably their steel ones. However... imo... where the fenders attach to itself is not really all that sturdy. If you hit something hard, something's gotta give. Is it going to be the body or the fender? Now I know people will tell you that...
  4. Rear End Bounce

    Honestly, the Falcon shocks and the Clayton springs are both known to be on the stiffest side. Unless you're running on soft setting I suspect the issue is not lack of damping. I suspect the opposite... that it's too stiff. Not stiff like you're riding on rocks, but stiff like there is no...
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Drove to Kirkwood... said meh not what I envisioned for the weekend so drove home.
  6. Rear roof section.

    I wish it was 3 pieces, 2 more freedom panels and the back. But I could also see that being super creaky.
  7. Crazy accident.

    I did not see the upside down steering wheel comment before... but I also don't get how the vehicle would drive like that. Usually throws a code if it's mildly out of alignment let alone 180*.
  8. Who's got my fuel mileage beat?

    I def have you beat, probably around 16.5. 35" M/Ts with AC 100% on, start/stop permanently disabled, slow town going or 80 on the highway.
  9. Crazy accident.

    They will keep your truck 2 weeks, do zero work, and charge the ins. co. $6k
  10. Rear track bar or relocation bracket?

    I'd rather have the control arms and a relocation bracket for the track bar. The caster angle on these is already rather small on these. I'd rather guess on the track bar and get a better adjustment on caster.
  11. I Learned This Today - Thunderstorm Warning

    I have gotten that for wind warnings. I dont have sirius or xm
  12. Vehicle problems

    I wanted to give the guy the benefit of the doubt at first, but am now convinced this is a troll post
  13. Vehicle problems

    What 'high performance' shocks did the lifted one have? Because the one 'without' actually had some very high performance from the factory, which is the one it sounds like you ended up with. And Mojave's are not versions of the Rubicon.
  14. Steers left "faster" than right?

    The stabilizer isnt bad to take off. 1 bolt at the knuckle and 3 on the axle. Try popping it off, drive ONLY around town and see if there's a change. Town driving with no stabilizer, like 30 mph, is fine. No highway.
  15. I guess I'd be in trouble there.

    Lol, stupid article that many of y'all fell head over heels for. They stopped at: "It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person to engage in minor vehicle repair in any residential zone. " That's not how most muni codes work, just ending like that, as noted above by @ILikeYourHat. The...
  16. Steers left "faster" than right?

    Since toe is adjusted by the tie rod, I can't really see how one is possibly visibly out of toe more than the other. And you shouldn't need to align anything after the steering box, just adjust the drag link if needed to straighten the wheel. My thought would be the stabilizer, you're...
  17. Steers left "faster" than right?

    Stock steering stabilizer?