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  1. First impression on first overland trip JTM Jeep Gladiator Mojave!!!

    good oh Clatskanie, I was raised in Rainier so I know the area very well.
  2. First impression on first overland trip JTM Jeep Gladiator Mojave!!!

    I haven't had time to get back out with my jeeping group but that seems to be the consensus. You are from the area? Thats cool.
  3. Gladiator Steps

    These are awesome. I will be following this thread.
  4. Mojave xTreme Recon Fender Flares installed

    My brother in law just got a JL 392 with these fender flares and now I REALLY want some for my JTM. They are so nice looking. I would also like to know where you picked these up. Looking at his JL they look fairly straight forward to mount....
  5. Portable power source

    I have the Jackery 1000. I used it a couple weekends ago for my ICECO fridge / freezer. It was awesome. Used the JT to keep the fridge cool during the day and plugged the fridge in the Jackery during the night. 4 1/2 days doing this and still had 10% power when returned home. Bought it from Home...
  6. First impression on first overland trip JTM Jeep Gladiator Mojave!!!

    I have the Midland MXT400. The couple I was with had a couple GMRS handhelds. I was able to receive some of their calls but not all. They could not hear any from me. I was able to hear other voices from people not with us, they could not hear me either. I think I have a setting incorrect...
  7. First impression on first overland trip JTM Jeep Gladiator Mojave!!!

    Here are my first impressions and thoughts on our first overland trip taken on Memorial Day weekend. My brother and sister in law introduced us to jeepin. They are avid rock crawlers and seasoned overlanders. We loved the overlanding not RC as much and probably won't do that. So last September...
  8. Fridge in the bed or the cab ?

    Sorry for the delay. Here is how I have my fridge setup in my cab. I do not have the underseat storage so I had to use some heavy styrofoam to make it level and strapped it down. There are some great points to attach the straps to. The Jackery is on the floor. I plug the fridge into the jeep...
  9. Fridge in the bed or the cab ?

    My Iceco 50L is in the cab. I just got back from a Overland long weekend. I will post a picture of how I have it set later tonight or tomorrow. I like it inside so I can use the 110v plug in the back passenger area and I also have enough room for my new Jackery 1000 the floor board to keep the...
  10. OnX and CarPlay

    You are correct it is a let down. I just watched a youtube for gaia and it looks like it will have navigation through car play. I will be testing it out this weekend. But at least I know it is on my phone....
  11. OnX and CarPlay

    Does ONX have turn by turn navigation? I have not been able to find this feature using offline maps.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Going on our first "camping" overland trip this weekend now that the weather in the Northwest is getting better especially in Central WA. Had to make sure this setup was going to be fine. Looks like it will work out just fine....
  13. Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route

    Love this post... We are scheduled to do this trip in October. Idaho BDR will be done in August, looking so forward to both. BTW, Wyoming BDR 2023.
  14. Washington WTB... Portable Power Station and Winch Mount Plate

    WTB, Portable Power Station Goal Zero 1000 or 1000X or simulor Jackery also, winch mount plate for Rubi steel bumper. Will travel to most anywhere in NW and Idaho.
  15. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Why do they always look happier here than on the highways? Had a great time driving on the Pacific Coast beach. Performed like a dream!!!!
  16. I Couldn't Find Any Rock Sliders with Bolt-on Steps

    We love these steps and will get another pair for the rear doors. I did have an issue with the install. The pictures on the installation sheets aren't that great, but once I saw my error, they installed in less than 30 minutes and was very easy.
  17. Good stuff or snake oil............

    Mr. Cob, congratulations on your new Gladiator you will love it. I have had mine since last September and say it's the best vehicle I have ever owned. Your post is the first time I have read about ceramic coating. One reply said it does not protect against "pin strips" and others have said it...
  18. American Adventure Lab Overhead Molle with Bestop Sunrider

    I have the Molle overhead shelf system and totally love my setup. It was very easy to assemble and install no issues at all. I have my GMRS mounted to it and my wife uses it to store stuff for her reading pleasure during our trips. I don't know how it would be with the bestop sunrider though.
  19. Favorite Portable Toilet

    This is a great portable toilet! We have used ours a lot my wife prefers to have this setup as opposed to walking to the pit toilets in many NF CG's.
  20. Washington trails

    Hello, I am starting to plan a jeep trip for myself and inlaws for Memorial weekend. We have done leg 1 and 1/2 of leg 2 WABDR. Was thinking about Rimrock Lake and complete leg 2 and continue to leg 3 and 4. My question, have any of you traveled this route early in the year? Is it still somewhat...