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  1. Iowa Chopped Tires

    I just left my dealership after an oil change and tire rotation, the service advisor said 2 of my tires are "chopped", he stated it's common on Jeeps. I've never heard of this, so I googled it. Have any of you had this issue, what is the cause and solution? Google is all over the place.
  2. Anyone know what this means?

  3. Rubicon 3 piece steel OEM bumper compatible for a winch?

    Is the Rubicon 3 piece steel OEM bumper compatible for a winch? I hit two deer at once today going about 40mph and they pushed in the driver side of the bumper and fog lamp and dented the passenger side rocker panel and creased the running board
  4. UConnect 8.4 SiriusXM favorites glitch

    My 2020 Overland with the Uconnect 8.4 Nav system SiriusXM favorites are not working properly. The favorite icon will show up on the top left corner of the radio and alert normally, then it will disappear usually before I have a chance to click on it. When I go to browse then select favorites on...
  5. How many Jeep branded rides have you owned?

    My 20' Gladiator is my 4th, prior to that I had 94' and 98' Wranglers and an 03' Cherokee
  6. New satin black mopar grille

    My Gladiator had the angry eyes when I bought it, I decided to switch it back to the original style. The satin black grille from Just for Jeeps turned out great.
  7. Aftermarket hood decals?

    Has anyone put any after market hood decals on their JT? My Overland doesn't have anything on the hood, trying to get ideas on putting something on there.