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  1. How do I level this desert rated badge?

    If it is mounted the same way the Jeep letters on the tailgate are measured, simply warm it with a heat gun and the adhesive will soften. You can either turn it to level or remove it and reattach with adhesive tape.
  2. The extent of my wood working skills 🤪

    When I removed the "Jeep" letters from my tailgate and replaced them with "Gladiator" I then transferred the Jeep letters to a section of white, vinyl fencing to make my bed divider. Now that I am hearing your ideas about hooks and tie downs being attached, I'm thinking I might want to go wood...
  3. WARNING! Gen 3. Oil change not possible.

    I don't think there is a topic on this form that causes more "wadded up panties" than dealership oil changes........ :LOL: :giggle:
  4. Any one swapped out the chrome lug nuts ?

    I actually went with these several months ago and I am very pleased.
  5. Who has a rolling tonneau cover that they love?

    I also love mine. It is the basic, flexible rolling type that latches at the end of the bed and velcros down the sides. It is perfect for my needs as it easily rolls up, with straps holding it at the back of the cab and is completely waterproof. Gives me full use of the bed, which was...
  6. iphone car mount

    This is what I use, too.
  7. Ford Recalls

    Time to call in the "boys in the lab."
  8. Hats !

    I like this hat. Wonder if it is distributed to most dealers?
  9. Manual Transmission Club

    Hey MT fans......... I assume this video is true and if it is, it is the damnedest abuse of the legal system that I have seen yet. Owner of MT Gladiator sued because a tech was accidentally killed while vehicle being serviced. Check it out:
  10. 2022 Overland Odometer flashing ..

    What he said..............
  11. We didn't rotate your tires like you asked because...

    This is another reason to dislike the dealership approach. When a customer comes in and says, "Please rotate my tires." They have two options: a) Rotate them under the wave or dealership free warranty, or b) Rotate them and say they are not covered under warranty and charge you. What they do...
  12. How long have you owned your Gladiator? Still Love it?

    I too, have had mine one year and one month and I also still love it just like day one!!!
  13. Is 6' 3" really too tall

    Good morning. Yes, I am very pleased with my Extend my seat rig. I have plenty of leg room and could have way more, but it is not needed. It adds about six inches. Now, I do want to tell you that it does not lower the seat any. Everyone is built differently and some folks have most of their...
  14. Is 6' 3" really too tall

    I'm 6'7" and installed this. Love it.
  15. 🩴 Threedom Custom Key Lock Caps ❄️

    Ok, I understand and thank you for the update.
  16. 🩴 Threedom Custom Key Lock Caps ❄️

    Just checking on how we are coming on the Tennessee covers??
  17. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Almost all of the comments that I get are very positive. Of course, if they weren't it wouldn't matter as I did not get it for others or for any type of peer acceptance. At my stage in life, having been fortunate to be somewhat successful in my career and also having just retired, I frankly...
  18. Daisy Duke’s CJ-7 Dixie

    This just may be the most interesting post in the history of the forum!!! :clap: :like::clap::like: