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  1. Annoying nannies! Ugh

    Just happened, waiting next in line at gas station, my turn to move up and ‘Drive not Possible…’ created a mini panic! I was in Neutral before this for a few mins, what I usually do with automatics. I guess the nannies took over and wanted me to shift to Park first?? This is dumb! So I rowed the...
  2. Gladiator or Jeep in the Background

    One of the coolest recent shots that jumped out at me right away. I'm a mountain biker aside from wheeling my Jeep, and this is from the annual Unbound Gravel race just completed 👊 Must be a photographer's or media Jeep. Thought to post it since I like it a lot! Any others?
  3. When auto-stop-start becomes more intermittent....

    What's the main cause, low charge aux battery? It kicks in less lately, I'm only at 3700 miles. Recent inspection and first oil change done, no codes/issues. Is this something to worry about? I realize that electronics monitor conditions for this feature to switch on.
  4. DIY Tonneau Cover under Bed Rack?

    I've been looking for a folding rollup (not hard, not 3 piece) cover to fit UNDER my half rack (Fishbone but could be any brand). Has anybody made one to 'fit' under it, where the velcro side mounts are sort of inside the bed not over the bedliner, as the bed rack feet are in the way. I'm not...
  5. California Rubicon factory wheelset + spare

    Wheels only, in great shape, low miles off my 2022. No TPMS, 4 alum + 1 steel spare. $200 all cash pick up
  6. California Sold: Rubicon factory parts

    Take off items in great shape, low miles. -Rock rails, no damage, never offroad. All hardware. $80 -Front bumper, plastic cover, NOT steel, with red Rubi tow hooks. SOLD -Factory wheelset - 4 alum, 1 steel spare - no TPMS. SOLD These should fit other non-Rubicon JTs. Local pick up only...
  7. Tonneau covers that fit under Fishbone

    Anybody can recommend which covers, preferably hard or folding soft, that will fit over the 'feet' of my Fishbone half height rack, and still covers the bed with good sealing? There's got to be one out there that has slightly narrower sides.