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  1. Which wheels would you pick?

    Hey Guys, looking for some advice/opinions. I really want a rim that I can take the rash/bead lock off so I can paint it. My plan is to do the rings Sting Gray. I think I have narrowed it down to three choices; one choice doesn’t have a removable ring, but is waaaay cheaper. That rim would...
  2. Someone should burn this thing!

    Check out this Jeep I saw tonight. How does anyone think this looks good???
  3. Spacer lift. Ready Lift vs AEV. Advice/opinions needed.

    I think I may finally pull the trigger on a spacer lift. I have narrowed it down to two; AEV 2" or Ready Lift 2.5". Is one better quality? They both carry good reviews. I like AEV as a company and it retains the full rake....but I like the idea of the little extra ride height from Ready Lift...
  4. What Mopar accessories would you buy for $300?

    I have a $300 credit that can be used at the dealer for Mopar accessories....Anything worth buying in that range? I am thinking the door sil guards.
  5. Canada - Ontario Sold: Truck-Lite 7" LED headlights

    Thinking of going a different route. Two brand new Truck-Lite 27270C 7" LED Headlights Set of 9" to 7" adapter brackets w/plugs actual pics to follow $550.00 (Canadian)
  6. Sigh. Under 1900km and some sort of leak

    Well, first trip to the dealer is tomorrow with under 1900km on the Jeep. I am leaking some sort of oil. Wonder if Jeep will pay to fix/clean my interlock driveway? haha I will report back tomorrow, hopefully it is something minor. I slid under and couldn't see much.
  7. Wheel locks. Does this look right?

    Dealer side they put these wheel locks on (not factory). Do they look right? I am not familiar with them but I thought the head should be seated against the rim??
  8. Black Rhino Armory in Desert on Sting Gray

    If anyone running Black Rhino Armory in Desert on a Sting Gray Gladiator? I think this would look amazing and I am seriously contemplating the combo. I would love to see it for real
  9. Is anyone running 17" x 8" Black Rhinos? *Armory if possible*

    I am curious to see how the fitment is on the 17" x 8" Armory with 30 offset is. I believe this is close to stock, but was hoping for a visual. I would prefer the 9.5" wide, but believe that puts me in to a lift because of rubbing. TIA
  10. Where’s my VON

    I put my deposit down last Saturday for a Factory ordered Willys....still haven’t received a VON or VIN. How long should this take? I am in Canada for what it’s worth. It thought it would be a breeze waiting, but I am already anxious for it!
  11. Is Gator green coming back?!!

    Getting ready to place an order for a Gladiator. I am going to get sting grey, just wish gator green was still available! Why did they ditch it?! I don’t like the sarge green at all. Is there any chance gator is coming back?
  12. How does this deal look?

    Hey All, I am getting closer to stepping in to a Gladiator. How does this deal look to you all? Keep in mind, this is in Canadian funds.
  13. Spotted on the 401 (Toronto)

    Wonder where it’s headed