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  1. Any Forged Internals available?

    supposedly you can order some from @bullitt5897
  2. First impression on first overland trip JTM Jeep Gladiator Mojave!!!

    It’s the first time I see somebody leveling a Jeep. That’s such an RV thing to do :clap: Grats on the JTM and the first trip!
  3. Electronic sway control

    So far I’ve had the electronic sway control light turn on 2 or 3 times in the ~4000 miles of towing my twin axle 5000# Airstream. This was after I got the WDH setup fixed as mine also had the ball height 2” too high from the dealer. The gladiator did it’s job quite effectively in eliminating the...
  4. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    Max Tow and Airstream International 23FB
  5. 392 Wheels on JT

    Looks great! Did you paint the hooks or replaced them with the 392’s?
  6. What can we do for you?

    I ended up removing the little hooks and drilling holes into the hood so I could attach the rectangular things with screws.
  7. What can we do for you?

    I also got this bug deflector and these brackets just don’t fit. I broke one trying to push it in so the rectangle hole clears the edge of the hood’s round hole behind it. I’ll try returning it as defective. Very disappointed with this “OEM” part that shouldn’t be advertised as fitting the JT.
  8. National Parks Sabbatical

    And the story continues... My truck was ready for pickup on Friday. They test drove it for 30 miles after the engine replacement to make sure it was good to go. I drove down on Monday to pick it up. I literally didn't make it out of the dealership parking lot before the check engine light came...
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Would you mind posting a review of these in the Lighting forum? You seem to be one of the select few that already got them.
  10. Gladiator Max Tow not available with Adaptive Cruise?

    I'm pretty sure the trailer brake controller doesn't come with the tow package but if correctly remember the 2022 order guide it's available as a factory option. Probably the only way to get that brake controller at the moment since it's backordered everywhere with no target availability date...
  11. Gladiator Max Tow not available with Adaptive Cruise?

    That's just about right. I designed that truck as a tow vehicle for my 23ft Airstream travel trailer that allows me to explore when I get to the destination. I got most safety options since we'll be doing long distance travel with it and when we are not traveling my daughter will most likely be...
  12. Who has the lowest mileage on their JT?

    My 2021 Sport S MAX TOW had 18 miles when I picked it up on December 10th 2021. I think it has about 100 miles but I can't verify since it's basically been in the dealership service department most of the time since I got it. It has done at least 30 miles on a tow truck though. Do I win?
  13. Gladiator Max Tow not available with Adaptive Cruise?

    My 2021 has both Window Sticker
  14. National Parks Sabbatical

    Time for an update to this saga... The dealership sent a tow truck to pick up my ride on Monday December 27th or 2 days after the break down described in my previous post. On the 29th, they told me that the flashing check engine light was due to a catalytic converter code. Doing some research...
  15. National Parks Sabbatical

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll definitely ask the dealer to look into it.
  16. National Parks Sabbatical

    I ordered this truck as an adventure vehicle. It’s definitely delivering… I’ll be honest and say that at this point it is very hard to think that it will be the vehicle used for our national parks tour. I would always be on the lookout for some odd sound or vibration and that’s not how I want...
  17. National Parks Sabbatical

    I feel like I got a Frankenstein built with some MY2021 and some MY2022 parts and they somehow don’t get along.
  18. National Parks Sabbatical

    Unexpectedly, the replacement PCM made it by December 22nd and was installed on December 23rd. I happily picked up the Jeep from the dealer the same day and brought it back home. On Christmas Eve the family went out to drive through the neighborhood to survey the Christmas lights. My daughter...
  19. Last Straw

    Based on the wheels, I’m assuming it’s a late 2021 sport s. Mine is also at the dealership after engine issues started after only 30 miles. I’m wondering if the fact they had to switch supplies for a bunch of parts probably introduced a lot of unknowns. I hope this is not the case. I just want...
  20. National Parks Sabbatical

    Just heard back from the service manager. It looks like the truck has a faulty PCM causing a fuel injector to stay open. They need to replace the PCM and obviously it's backordered. Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere anytime soon :headbang: