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  1. Sedona trails in the rain

    Broken arrow, soldier pass, and schnebly hill have been planned tomorrow for months now. The forecast appears to be storms through the day tomorrow in Sedona. For my AZ people, how much struggling can I expect in rainy conditions on these trails?
  2. Solo trip on broken arrow

    I will be out in AZ visiting family next month. I'm wondering how doable broken arrow would be solo without a spot or buddy with winch. Won't have any friends along this trip.
  3. Current Quadratec lead time?

    Anyone recently order from quadratec? How long is it taking for in-stock items to leave their warehouse right now?
  4. Fabtech sport lift

    I've tracked down a few posts of users with this lift, but no one really following up with what they thought about it. Is anyone still active on here and has had the fabtech 3" lift? What are your thoughts on the lift?
  5. Cleaning up ARB harness

    I have an arb twin installed on my glady. Installation was easy enough but the switch harness wiring is incredibly messy with the air locker portions going unused. My question is if it is safe to remove the air locker portion of the harness?(dumb question Im sure, but I'm not very savvy in wiring)
  6. Class action lawsuit against fca Im fairly certain i have recently developed the tick, just found this article about the impending class action lawsuit against fca for the issue. The thing i find...
  7. Best riding shocks for a spacer lift and max tow springs

    What's the best riding shocks for our trucks? Looking at rancho rs5000x as they have good reviews but want to make sure I don't miss other better options. Not looking to go all out on a temp spacer lift.
  8. California Sold: Wtb/trade rubi rails for overland running boards

    Looking for overland running boards in SD area. Have rubi rails that do have some scratches but open to offers(buy or trade) and can send pics.
  9. Fellow owners with iron man mts

    From what I can see, these tires seem incredibly loud. I'm not expecting them to be quiet but wondering how they really are after some miles. Will I be yelling at my passengers over these or will they be drowning out the radio?
  10. Rear axle seal repair poll

    Alright ladies and gents, it seems as though some people are starting to leak again after their initial repair. Let's see if we can get some numbers to support whether people are getting multiple duds or if there is another issue(ie the housing).
  11. For anyone looking to haul bikes and rock a hard trifold cover

    This is an excellent solution. Paifa suction mount My wants where 1: A sturdy reliable mount 2: Full visibility while being able to use a tri fold tonneau 3: Tailgate closed 4: Fairly inexpensive Another member was kind enough to measure the...
  12. Can anyone recommend a San Diego service department?

    Looking for a no BS service department for warranty work.
  13. How long do you guys think android auto will be compatible?

    I opted for the 7 inch to upgrade to the 8.4 later. That was before I knew you cannot update the connect software after upgrading. This has me wondering how long android auto would remain compatible before I’d lose it if I upgraded. Any tech buffs Out there?
  14. Tri fold tonneau AND tail gate pad

    Does anyone use a hard tri fold tonneau and mountainbike tail gate pad at the same time? I'm wondering how well the bike fits without the cover propped up/blocking the back window?
  15. Shutter when coming to a stop and moving from a stop

    A week ago at about 1700 miles my 3.6 started having a rough idle/shutter only when coming to a stop or letting off the brake from a stop. No codes or other symptoms but all I can find are old threads about dirty IAC on older jeeps. Any ideas? PS this is NOT auto start stop.
  16. California Sold: wtb rubicon rock rails

    Wtb rubi rails in SD area. $100.
  17. Hum when letting off the gas normal with this truck?

    I have a new jt with only 1200 miles on it. After the first week of driving I started to notice a hum(a little bit higher pitched) when letting off the gas. It's most noticeable when coming down for 45-35. It doesn't sound too harmful but I've also never heard this on any other vehicle.
  18. Uconnect cutting out camera fix?

    Hey guys I just picked up my gladiator and it's already the audio is already cutting out. Through searches I found this could mean my reverse camera needs to be replaced? My question is if that issue is still possible on the newer vehicles? (Example jeep rolled out the steering box on newer...