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  1. Hear a thud when coming to a complete stop.

    I press the brakes ….car stops and a second later a strange thud. Any clues ?
  2. Test drove Ram 1500 with same V6......

    What am I missing here......if my gladiator moved like that Ram did....i would be really happy. The engine feels way stronger and smoother. Why wouldn't they do the same for JL and JT. The Ram didn't sound like the engine was going to fly out of the hood either.
  3. Volume reaches that all?

    Am i missing something? I swear my JL reached 60.. Not much volume at all
  4. Falken MT 285/70/17....

    Im getting rid of my 35 ridge grapplers......I drive to much on the freeway and I don't like how they ride. I was on the phone with my local Discount tire and they had some new but used Falken MTs.....they came off of Rubi. Crazy cheap. They are C rated I believe (285/70/17)....they have...
  5. Vinyl wrap fenders and hard top?

    Has anyone tried color match the rest of the JT. They are vinyl wrapping everything these days.....figured someone has tried it.
  6. Wide 33 inch tire?

    Which is wider....33/12.5/17 or 285/70/17......I'm going back to 33 inch tires as commute to work is really long. I like the shorter wider look and was wondering two things..... 1) Do wider after market wheels make tires look wider? 2) Is there certian brands that make a wider tire Sorry for...
  7. Bought used Gladiator last night....2nd used Jeep product with 35 inch ridge grapplers

    I'm going to say that these tires are horrible......bumpy and wobbly.....My JL before this had same tires and rode bad. I have a friend who rides on Toyo Open country and ride is smooth as butter. 315/70/17. What are your opinions on the ridge grapplers or have a better suggestion...
  8. Gladiator vs Wrangler..which holds value better?

    It seems the Wrangler is holding its value better. Why is this?
  9. Can Overland with tow package tow at least 6k pounds?

    Can tow at least 6k pounds? Correct. I tow a John deer riding mower and trailer on occasion. Thanks