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  1. Vermont Clayton Front Leveling springs $150 plus ship

    I have a pair of Clayton springs Part number COR-1508250. Have a couple thousand miles on them and are pretty much new. Looking for $150 plus accurate shipping cost to your zip.
  2. My bad!!! I am an idiot!

    I am dumb
  3. Lift for Max Tow - keep rear springs?

    Getting ready for my new truck to arrive. Was looking at doing a Mopar lift going to run 35's and eventually 37's also maybe adding a 3/4 spacer to bring the front up. Posts are saying the max tow has heavier rear springs which makes sense. Some people are keeping them and just doing spacers in...
  4. Did I Selec track the wrong thing?

    Ordered a Sport S with Selec track last week. I am concered now that I should have just picked up the part time case. I like the idea of AWD. I usually drive my trucks in 4 hi in snowy situations. My chevy's are ok with it I had a ford that wasn't and would bind in mixed driving. I ended up...
  5. Starting to think about ordering whats the best setup

    Looking for a truck for road trips out west with my family. Kinda a bit overwhelmed by the spreadsheet choices etc. Never ordered a jeep before. Would like the best axles - max tow? Power windows all around would be nice (are we really dealing with roll up windows in 2021?) Hard top probably...