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  1. Help….Fox ATS Stabilizer

    Bought the ATS through shaft stabilizer and tried to install it tonight. Problem is, the bolt that attaches closest to the tire is a carriage bolt that is squared off for about a inch or so and the end of the stabilizer is completely round and won’t allow the bolt to seat properly. (See pics)...
  2. Shout out to darksidedesign

    Ordered a front and rear set of grab handles from @darksidedesign and they shipped quick, look bad ass and are good quality! Thanks again Preston!
  3. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    Anyone have any experience with their speaker upgrade packages? Front 1″ Soft Dome Tweeters (2) Front 4″ Wideband Speakers (2) Rear 1″ Soft Dome Tweeters (2) Rear 4″ Wideband Speakers (2) Total of eight (8) Speakers I won these in a giveaway on Instagram and real curious if anyone has heard...
  4. Day one changes

    Picked her up last night and started making some changes. Some before and after pics. Mopar lift and other goods to come soon
  5. Timbren bump stops and mopar lift

    Does anyone know if the mopar lift comes with bump stop extensions to make up for the lift? I’m gonna have the lift installed when the JT gets here and want to run the timbrens for towing. TIA
  6. Does Mopar lift need…

    Does the mopar lift require the geometry correction brackets? It’s a diesel if that matters. If so what do y’all recommend?
  7. Stock wheels and 35’s

    Seen several posts here with guys/gals running 35/12.5’s or 315/70’s on stock wheels but what I’ve seen, those size tires have a minimum rim size of at least 8“ and the stockers are only 7.5”. Am I missing something? I’d like to go with one of these 2 sizes but also want to be within spec?
  8. TPMS sensors

    Are y’all using them with oversized tires? Are they necessary and will the tazer mini turn off the monitoring system if you don’t use them?
  9. Towing with the 2” mopar lift

    New guy here. Test drove a Rubi with gas and it did ok but didn’t have enough payload capacity so I ordered a Overland diesel. I scaled my boat when I was test driving and it weighed #4880. Curious if any of you tow anything close to that with the mopar 2” lift and how it handles it. Thanks