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  1. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    I know there is a Gladiator in there somewhere, but the awesome color you chose must be camouflaging it too well.
  2. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    Thanks for the recommendation! I was hoping for little more of a custom/personalized look. I will definitely look into these if I don't figure it out.
  3. Wilco Offroad Bed Rail Tire Carrier

    I had my spare stolen off of my 2007 Ram 1500 less than a year after I bought it new. Since then, I have put cable locks on external spares as a piece of mind. Not sure it will do anything but slow down someone serious and maybe make some random thief go to the next house. For the new...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Last week installed full BedRug hoping to install Roll-N-Lock (no dice due to damage). Today installed Quadratec QRC Side Armor with Step for 20-22 Jeep Gladiator JT. Kind of an ass kicker doing solo, but it is doable. First side took me 2.5 hours, second 1.5 hours. Only trick I could...
  5. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Most tires have a good starting point to mount for balancing. Check the face of your tire for a set of dots. Mine it was the yellow dot that needed to line up with the valve stem and it makes balancing faster and easier.
  6. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    I'm not sure. I would have to dig around to see where/how they would mount. That is an interesting idea though.
  7. Overlanding with Cpap

    I have had a CPAP for last 23 years (probably needed one longer than that). The new models are pretty efficient in terms of electricity usage. I use something similar to what @EddyArnold linked. Make sure to get a 12v outlet adapter though to make the battery last longer. I can usually get at...
  8. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    Thanks everyone! I am going to keep the colors, but I found another pattern that will make a wider handle. I am also going to play around with making a wrap for the roll bar (like @Chocolyle showed) instead of the screws.
  9. Babland Apex Control Box relocation
  10. Sacramento lift install recommendation

    I have a franken-lift to do a simple 2" lift. Ironrock Offroad spacer with Bilstein shocks Clayton Offroad front springs LCA and end links from Mopar lift Metalcloak bumpstop extensions What is a good shop to go to in the Rocklin to Sacramento area? I am shopping for estimates for labor and...
  11. OEM Tire Valve Stem Caps

    Well played sir! Although I prefer my quartets from the barbershop...
  12. Who got the Goonzquad Gladiator?

    Guess standing too close to jets as an maintenance electrician scrambled my brains.... plus I left the crayons for the oh-three-hump-alots. They needed the extra calories more than me.... (more likely I did miss the joke till it was pointed out.)
  13. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    That would freak me out, too. Great advice. I know the Marines are a Department of the Navy, but seeing as we are the men's department, I think I will keep the red.... 😇
  14. Who got the Goonzquad Gladiator?

    Maybe 2? I couldn't watch after about 5 minutes. I really wanted to, cause it looked like it would be a nice rig based on the final video thumbnails. But... Dude, that dude had way too many dudes about the the dude that wrecked the Gladiator, dude.
  15. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    I was thinking of mounting like this in some way, but was worried about interference with shades or when I can get the RR Voyager soft top. Do you notice any clearance issues with the Sunrider?
  16. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    I am using 550 paracord. Unless I am hanging full weight, I think the screw would give before the cord (I hope). Also, I'm not quite as fit as I was when left the Marines a couple of decades ago. So I hear you.
  17. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    My knees are not what they used to be and the extra straight line lift helps a little with getting in. Secondly is just a way to add some custom touches.
  18. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    Thanks for the feedback. Might change up the design of that area. I agree it is missing something.
  19. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    I am trying my hand at making some paracord grab handles. Using some nostalgic USMC colors (green, red and gold) with a nod to my Gobi. This is just a prototype to see about the color combo. I know they probably hang down too far. So what do you all think about the design and color combo? Please...
  20. Who got the Goonzquad Gladiator?

    Only so many dudes I can take in one sentence dude.