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  1. Post your payload pics!

    Stopped by the scales and she’s still 100lbs under max gross. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. To Max Tow, or not? Looking for advice

    Yes, absolutely max tow. Not getting it was my biggest mistake in purchasing. This package is hands down the best value you can get from the factory.
  3. We installed 4.88s from a 4.10. (37” tire). Review, tips, and notes inside!

    Thanks for the write-up. I agree, coming from 3.73 to 4.88 with 37” KO2s. There is certainly a quality of life increase driving through the mountains, towing, etc. but given the hassle and $2,000, I’d be happy sticking with the stock setup if I could go back. Especially if I’d had 4.10s
  4. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    A dedicated tent back would be great for car camping. I made this just to play with the concept and it works great. I’d love to have something professionally made for the same function.
  5. Transfer Case Shifter Issue

    Yep, this just happened to me but it was actually the shift arm on the transfer case. This bolt can come loose and the shift arm will slide right out of its groove.
  6. Biggest tire I can get with no regearing needed?

    Idk I ran 37 KO2s with 3.73s for almost 2 years on my sport gasser and it never really bothered me. I live in the SF Bay Area so mostly flat, but mountain trips 1-2 times a month could be a bit of a pain when pulling our 6,000 lb trailer. City mpg was around 14 and highway could get 18-19 on...
  7. Bestop teaser concept: folding soft cover / shell / topper for Gladiator bed

    Yep. Got mine in early February and can confirm it’s great for camping. Fit and finish is still quite bad on the non-twill version.
  8. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    How would a torsen handle rear digs that are possible with the recent tazer updates? It feels like completely locking the brakes on one side of the axle would put serious stress on the system and likely fail something. I'm not sure if anyone has experience with this, but would be interested in...
  9. Anyone have the Supertop 2 from Bestop installed on their rig?

    I’ll let you know after our trip this weekend. 😉
  10. Anyone have the Supertop 2 from Bestop installed on their rig?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they call this material "Black Diamond" and its just a sailcloth. It's the lesser/ cheaper material, but it matches my standard softtop, so I'm happy. I do want to be clear though, I do not regret this purchase. It just has some obvious room to improve. I went ahead and...
  11. Anyone have the Supertop 2 from Bestop installed on their rig?

    This what happens after ~30 minutes at 70mph. I’ll try tweaking it this weekend and see if we can sort that out. Actually, I’d prefer if the cross member was more permanently attached to the window section like on the wrangler softops.
  12. Anyone have the Supertop 2 from Bestop installed on their rig?

    TLDR: My thoughts so far are pretty luke warm. I definitely prefer having it over nothing at all, but the fit and operation leave a lot to be desired. I do like how well engineered the mechanical bits are. You can tell they put some time and effort into designing the extrusions and canopy...
  13. Anyone have the Supertop 2 from Bestop installed on their rig?

    My topper finally showed up while I was out of town. It’s okay… still feeling it out
  14. Bestop Supertop for Truck 2

    Dang, any pictures? I'm still waiting on mine that was ordered back in September. The whole reason I ordered it was because I've seen great examples on other trucks, but I'm getting a little anxious with all these reports of poor fit.
  15. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Thanks, but the orange stitching is a non-starter for me. Also the more I look at it, the more I'm thinking paddle shifters look pretty sweet. I'm in if Zauto can find a way to activate the OEM operation. Following closely... 👍
  16. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Okay, in the OPs first post it looks like the sans-shifters button module will fit but with small gaps. The gaps won’t bother me, but the orange Mojave stitching will. I think I’m just going to order one and hope for the best. If it doesn’t work, someone here will be getting a great deal on a...
  17. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    I don't really car about the paddle shifters but really want the thicker wheel. Does anyone know if the wiring harness is required or can I just reuse the factory sport harness?
  18. ✪ WOW - Theedom Custom Design Wheel Caps

    Yep. Also as an engineer, I read "Engineering Grade" as rapid prototyped (3D printed). Aesthetics aren't particularly important in the engineering phase and I prefer to buy something "Production Grade". These look like dyed SLS with a tumble and/or vapor bath, but that's not a bad thing. I use...
  19. Building a Mojave on 40's

    I cant get over how absolutely stellar the paint on this vehicle looks. The hydro blue has always been a little too bright/ sharp for my taste but something about all of these pics has me wanting one. Am I the only one who thinks this looks different than other hydro blues? Maybe its just...