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  1. Daily driver on 38” 12.50 vs 13.50 vs 15.50

    I’ve got 37/13.50 ridge grapplers and I drive mine every day with no worries or concerns
  2. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Co-worker Mikes looks like a JKU not a JLU.
  3. Let's see the boats you’re towing with your Gladiator

    It’s lifted with 37s now and still tows the four Winn’s great.
  4. Lets see the spacer lifts

    I got a 3 inch Tera flex front spacer and 1.5 in rear teraflex spacer from a fellow forum member. Paired them with rubicon express front and rear shock extensions, new rear sway bar links and moved rear links to the front. Also added mopar lift front lower control arms. I then added airlift air...
  5. Hello Gladiator Forum! I'm a new forum member. Happy to be here.

    Welcome to the forum. I’ve got a hydro blue rubicon. Where did you get your seat covers ?
  6. What RV's are you using to flat tow your Gladiator?

    I flat tow my gladiator with a fleetwood excursion diesel pusher with a cat engine and Allison transmission. You don’t even know it’s back there. Been on many excursions from Illinois to Colorado. Michigan, gulf shores and Florida. Flat towed my Roush f150 I traded in on my gladiator with no...
  7. Borla attack exhaust

    I agree with green_gladiator. I have the borla atak dual side exit and it sounds good. I’m getting older so I may end up replacing mine with a stock system if anyone near me is interested.
  8. Warning, bad gas mileage with Borla s- type exhaust

    I have the Borla ATAK dual side exit and it sounds good. It was on my Rubicon when I bought it used a year ago. It used to hang down to low so I removed the bed sliders and I think it looks better.
  9. Camping with your Gladiator

    Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World Florida .
  10. Illinois Rubicon factory rock rails

    Weekend bump. Somebody must need these sliders in the St. Louis area or southern Illinois.
  11. Washington, D.C. Rubicon Suspension Take Offs, 2.5" lift with shock extensions, swaybars

    How much to ship the RC spacer lift with shock extensions and sway bar links to 62089?
  12. towing boat

    In the pic, I’m running the factory rubicon 285. I now have 37/13.50s with a three inch lift and airbags in the back. We love the boat. Bought it new in 08. Cost more than my rubicon way back then.
  13. towing boat

    Here’s my 22 ft ski boat with my rubicon, before I added the airlift bags. Haven’t hooked up boat since the air bag install. It didn’t sag to bad without the airbags.
  14. towing boat
  15. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    7 1/2- 8 mpg depending on if we are in the mountains. The motorhome is a 41 ft diesel pusher with a 350 Cat and a 6 speed Allison transmission.
  16. Illinois Sold: WTB shock extensions.

    Looking to buy some shock extensions. If you have some laying around and want to sell,let me know .
  17. What do you guys think of red wheels with the pearl blue

    I like a little red on my rims.
  18. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    took the Gladiator mushroom hunting. Not much luck this trip.
  19. Front license plate state and winch bumper

    I have this. flips up when you need to use the winch.