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  1. Gladiator Expedition Rigs
  2. Approaching warranty expiration. What should I double check?

    There are also several levels to the Mopar Extended Warranty. The cost will vary with how many components are covered, what the deductible (cost per incident) is, and the length of the coverage (time and miles).
  3. Approaching warranty expiration. What should I double check?

    Over Cost is in reference to the cost to the dealer for the Mopar Extended Warranty package. This is a high-profit item for dealers. There are a few that sell it at a discount and make money on volume. Where is the pricing coming from for what you see as a decent warranty? There are some...
  4. '22 JTR Ecodiesel - need recommendations for calibration programmer for larger tires

    Jscan and AlfaOBD are the two most common, and much less than a Tazer. They don't provide any of the 'Live' features that the Tazer offers.
  5. How do I unmarry and remove my tazer?

    The Tazer extension cable is something I would recommend. It extends the Security Gateway plugs down for easy access. It makes connecting a Tazer or bypass cable much easier on your knuckles.
  6. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    If you don't pay for Guardian, you don't get the services available through the Uconnect phone app (which are also available through the owner website). If you have not been using them, you should not miss anything. The Off-road Pages should not be affected. I don't know about anything else.
  7. Approaching warranty expiration. What should I double check?

    I would at least consider it. These are all computerized, now, and not easy or cheap to repair. The advantage of the Mopar Extended Warranty is you can take it to any Jeep dealer and don't have to wait for another party to review and approve the repairs.
  8. Smog Failed - Not Ready

    I had to replace the main battery in the Compass. It took about 50 miles, 30 on the freeway, to get it ready for a smog check. I discovered I can use the OBDLInk MX+ and the app that comes with it to see when it is ready to test.
  9. Approaching warranty expiration. What should I double check?

    Do you have an Extended Warranty? If you want a Mopar one, it needs to be purchased before the 3/36 expires.
  10. Rain X fluid and Low Washer Fluid Sensor

    I use the cheap blue stuff mixed with distilled water. Three years, so far, with no issues.
  11. Aux wires hookup terminal strip

    I installed the SimpleAux board a few years ago. It works well, I've had no issues with it.
  12. Trying to think through front spring options

    I would start by putting on the bumper and winch, and seeing if it drops any. Depending on what happens, it will steer you in the direction needed. You'll probably need to find a stiffer set, especially if you're going to add a plow.
  13. Service writer says "we don't recommend or do 5 tire rotations"

    If you want it done right... Another reason I don't bother with 5-tire rotations. I get mine rotated with the Wave oil changes. My dealer can handle that okay. I don't have the time or energy to do it myself, anymore.
  14. Rubicon spring part numbers.

    Start with the one you know. You should then be able to use size and color to determine the other three.
  15. Rubicon spring part numbers.

    If they were not marked when they were removed, or if they have no part number labels, it will not be easy to tell which one goes where. You can lay them out and compare them to a marked set, and probably get fairly close. You should be able to distinguish front from rear, but right and left...
  16. OEM wheel balancing weights

    I am quite curious. What are you going to do with the wheel weights, now that you have them? Do you balance your own wheels? Are you going to take the weights to the tire shop and insist they use only your weights when balancing the wheels?
  17. Dealer GPS Tracker

    The dealers are not installing these to track the vehicle if you don't pay. They get a guarantee that they're going to be paid before you drive off the lot. They don't care if you don't pay whoever financed it, they have their money. Some financing companies may require one to be installed...
  18. OEM wheel balancing weights

    Yes, wheel weights are a commodity item. Finding weights just like what came on the wheels should be easy. Calling them OEM, that just gives you the results of this thread.
  19. OEM wheel balancing weights

    But not for the JT/JL.
  20. LED halo DRL head and fog lights

    Yes, you can use a relay. Depending on the draw the computer is looking for, you may need to connect one set and use the relay for the other set.