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  1. Cough death wobble, cough. 2021 overland 13k miles

    It's freaky but the name makes it a bit scarier than it is.
  2. Cough death wobble, cough. 2021 overland 13k miles

    I highly doubt it's due to caster. Just retorque the suspension yourself instead of running through hoops with the dealer. I had death wobble once on my icon lift and mopar lcas. Track bar got loose after initial installation. Nothing since retorque. Doubt it's the engineering of the kit.
  3. The art of choosing your tire size.................

    I went 35s cause I got a set of geolandar mts for 1300 otd. Felt it was worth jumping on. That being said, can't wait to put some 37s on the truck.
  4. I think I'm going to be sick.

    Lifts are way too easy to install to pay that premium. If someone wants to pay that to save a few hours I'd be fleecing people as well.
  5. Sedona trails in the rain

    They're still on the camera until I get home.
  6. Sedona trails in the rain

    Had been to sedona once before today but not with the glady.
  7. Sedona trails in the rain

    Yeah I figured it wasn't for the adrenaline junkies, but I usually like to throw in a scenic trail when I can. Broken arrow was a blast.
  8. Sedona trails in the rain

    Sweet thanks for the tips gentlemen. Looks like schnebly hill is closed due to the committee fire anyways so I'll have to check that out another time.
  9. Sedona trails in the rain

    Broken arrow, soldier pass, and schnebly hill have been planned tomorrow for months now. The forecast appears to be storms through the day tomorrow in Sedona. For my AZ people, how much struggling can I expect in rainy conditions on these trails?
  10. Longest road trip you've taken in your Gladiator?

    14 hours from socal to moab. Very comfy ride IMO. what really surprised me is my buddies said they didn't find the back seat to be uncomfortable on the drive.
  11. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    That's a nice looking international.
  12. Wow! Just wow!!

    Not my cup of tea, but hey, live and let live.
  13. Leaking axle seal?

    Anymore info on this being a recall or campain as someone noted? App continues to tell me there is nothing active on my vin.
  14. Lets see those Sport S Gladiators with 35" tires and wheels !!

    Icon stage 2 and 35 geolandar mt. Please donate to my 37s fund :crying:
  15. Front or rear lockers

    I take it you've never found yourself in need of the rear locker? I'm pretty new to this stuff, but so far hardest trail I've done was fins(hardest line whenever available). I honestly felt like nothing there was challenging with just the lsd. Also havnt been able to lift a tire yet though.
  16. Front or rear lockers

    Does anyone here have direct experience eith locker up front and lsd in the rear? Eaton has me thinking, but I wonder if it would be a waste to just not do both. Then again it's costly to do both...
  17. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Happy 4th yall. Kicked off the weekend in joshua tree yesterday.