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  1. Mopar 2" lift Installed

    Pic, just for fun..JTRD
  2. Stock wheels and 35’s

    The Trail Grapplers that I have are M/T however they are fairly quite in my opinion and look great. I wanted the stock rims w these tires also so I wasn't flying rocks all over the side of the rig and thus far (3500 miles) it's accomplished that. Can't say how long they'll last but from what...
  3. Stock wheels and 35’s

    35x11.50r17 Nitto Trail Grapplers
  4. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    I’m not from Canada but recently had mine updated and it’s the same version now that you currently have.
  5. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    Yes I live in MN and use Bio as well and I do think that lowers the mpg as well. After my update it improve milage by at least a couple mpg though. Not sure about the dep consumption yet but before the update it was for sure fairly high.
  6. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    You sir are braver than I. :). Never know what happens once they pull it into a stall.
  7. Let’s see your pets cause they are the best companion you can have!!!!!

    Here’s Comet our English Bulldog…. 3.5 months old so not a lot of rides in the JT yet!
  8. Ecodiesel recall and reprogram...

    I mean, if your ever gonna unmarry for anything it would be a pcm update right!
  9. Problem with Tazer

    How was this “recovery” done?
  10. Problem with Tazer

    DId you "unmarry" it from your first Jeep?
  11. TazerJL Trail Turn Assist in Action [Video]

    The "recommend" way to update the Tazer however is to unmarry first before updating. This info comes from ZAutomotive.
  12. Tazer Mini update ?

    They do recommend you unmarry for any updates, I’ve asked.
  13. 2021 Ecodiesel Big Issues beaware

    I wouldn’t call that lucky… 5/6 weeks yuck.. maybe it you could say “it could of even been more unlucky”. :)
  14. Lift kit

    Was the steering stabilizer primed before install?
  15. No HardTop HeadLiner for Diesel

    When I ordered in June it was not an option either for the diesel.
  16. Updated - Gladiator EcoDiesel Bottoming Out Poll 2 - Spring Part Numbers

    I have a 2021 rubicon diesel built the end of July, w steel factory bumper. I had the 6378aa spring on the left side (drivers) and the 6377aa spring on the right side (passengers). I have since installed the mopar 2” lift.
  17. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    Yes, Weathertech..happy with them thus far too.