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  1. Longest road trip you've taken in your Gladiator?

    There are plenty of IFS trucks out there if that is what you are looking for (like all of them). The straight axle will lean offroad first and on road second. IFS has gotten a lot better recently and for mostly on road use IFS probably make sense for most everyone. I think we will see some...
  2. Longest road trip you've taken in your Gladiator?

    Tractor trailer/rv long handled squeege are way nicer than the short ones.
  3. They're real, and they're spectacular. $1100 on sale 315/70r17 kumho mt71

    My wife is rewatching them. No way they would greenlight a show like that right now. For many reasons. I am glad these tires materialized for people. Seems like a good deal.
  4. Rear track bar or relocation bracket?

    Just installed the clayton rear with a bend on mine after leaving the stock bar for a bit after the lift. It maybe just wishful thinking but it felt like it drove better with the axles centered than it did before hand. I also like the beef of the aftermarket bars though they aren't going to...
  5. Went for 3.5" lift, ended up at 6". Drive shaft?

    Yikes, yeah not adding shock extenders or correct length shocks would do that if you mounted the shocks with the weight on the truck. Op must have had to compress the springs a bit to get the shocks on if that was the case. Good catch
  6. Engine ticking - Exhaust Leak - Fixed

    I'd be careful reversing a shop vac. I guess anything blown in would probably be caught in the cat but as an alternative you can just have someone put a rag and their hand over the exhaust exit while you are under it and adding jsut a bit of back pressure will show obvious exhaust leaks. I had...
  7. Went for 3.5" lift, ended up at 6". Drive shaft?

    Agree you shouldn't really be getting more lift out of the shocks.
  8. We installed 4.88s from a 4.10. (37” tire). Review, tips, and notes inside!

    They make pinion flange tools that you bolt on then put a pipe in them to anchor off to whatever on the jeep. You can see it in use in this video for our axles it should link to the time where he is using it 10:30 or so in.
  9. Cooler vs Fridge

    There are cut offs on the fridge you can set. The problem is that setting the fridge with a high voltage cutoff won't run the fridge too long. If you put it on low it will run the fridge for a longer time then it will draw your starting battery down enough it won't start your car. I run my...
  10. Trail Mater recovery of rolled JT Gladiator on Pritchett Canyon Trail

    He explained it in the video. The guy went up a bypass which was really tricky and he said that it was trickier than a different way maybe the actual obstacle. It looked like he dropped a wheel in between two rocks on a ledge and flopped it. There were a bunch of smaller rocks that people pack...
  11. Front springs that give between 2.5-3 inches on sport S

    What bumpers? Plastic bumpers the clayton leveling kit front springs will get you there. Steel bumpers and winch I went to 2.5" claytons to get back to 2.5-3 over stock max tow.
  12. Vermont Clayton Front Leveling springs $150 plus ship

    Cool I think they will work well. Yea i still have them. I will send you a message.
  13. Vermont Clayton Front Leveling springs $150 plus ship

    I just did the leveling springs with longer mopar LCAs. I put icon 1.5" springs in the back because I have a max tow sport and just the front springs made it crazy nose high. With the plastic bumper the leveling springs and rear icons on my sport were perfectly level maybe a slight rake. When I...
  14. Memorial Day Sales?

    No, Just the front. I run a battery and 12v/solar charger back there for my fridge so trying to clean up the install I have it mounted on a piece of wood now bolted to airline track. I am 50/50 on the sides. I like the mounting options but I also like stuffing duffle bags and sleeping bags in...
  15. Memorial Day Sales?

  16. Memorial Day sales

    Motobuilt has 10% off
  17. Vermont Clayton Front Leveling springs $150 plus ship

    ~1.5” lift over rubicon stock.
  18. Vermont Clayton Front Leveling springs $150 plus ship

    I have a pair of Clayton springs Part number COR-1508250. Have a couple thousand miles on them and are pretty much new. Looking for $150 plus accurate shipping cost to your zip.
  19. Spring rates

    Clayton fronts are 188 1b/inch Diesels are 216