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  1. Good tow today

    Towed my 19’ Four Winns about 120 miles today from MA to ME. Boat and trailer is around 3k lbs, had full tank of fuel, 3 adults, 2 dogs and a bunch of stuff and tools in the bed. Temp was 80 out, had cruise set at 68, oil ran between 215 to 220, trans and coolant ran between 198 and 205, got...
  2. Heated steering wheel stopped working

    Heated steering wheel stopped working, light comes on for 2-3 seconds then goes off, read it is not that uncommon in JL forum, apparently the wheel needs to be replaced, JT is 1.5 years old with 26k miles, dread having to take it to the dealer. First time for repairs.
  3. Harness issue from JL forum

    Saw this on the JL forum may help someone, issue with harness melting against the exhaust.
  4. Rear backup/utility light addition

    Made some plates to replace the bumper reflectors and mount some small led utility lights. Made a cardboard template, cut plates from .125 aluminum with a jig saw, painted the back black, covered the part that would show through the bumper with reflective safety tape. Mounted the small utility...
  5. Good video showing impact of tire size

    Good video that shows how different size tires impact handling, power, braking and off road.
  6. Dedicated snow tires?

    Anyone run dedicated snow tires on a JT? If so what tire and what size?
  7. AEV Savegre II ?

    Anyone running these? Pretty much decided these are the wheels I want for the offset and I have had AEV wheels on other Jeeps. Assume the oem tpms fits without issue.
  8. Stock soundbar speakers ohm?

    I have the 7" screen with regular audio, I want to replace the stock soundbar speakers with some 6x9s, what ohm are the stock speakers? Thanks.
  9. RE shock extensions and Daystar spring correction pads

    Finally got a around to installing Rubicon Express shock extensions and Daystar front lower spring correction pads. I have 340 and 343 front springs with Daystar 1.5” spacers, Rubicon shocks, sits about 2.5” higher than stock. The RE shock extensions are very nice quality, powder coated and...
  10. AEV 2" spacer lift for Mojave Gladiator

    Not sure if this has been posted but AEV has a Mojave specific spacer lift now
  11. Windshield Defroster fix mod from JL forum

    Saw this on the JL forum, ordered the plugs from Amazon.
  12. Massachusetts Sold: LE wheels with Falken tires

    Launch edition wheels with Falken A/Ts 285/70/17s 9k miles, 15/32 tread on tires. Mint no marks on wheels, no plugs or gouges in tires. Included TPMS, bought them and was going to put other tires on them but not worth the hassle. Drove on them for 500 miles or so, perfect no vibration, TPMS...
  13. Ditch lights on Mopar brackets

    Wanted to mount some LED lights on a cowl mount, tried a couple different cowl mounts but really like the Mopar ones as the bolts and spacers are perfect for the unique way they hold on the cowl they are also very nicely powder coated. Mounted up a pair of knock off LED lights on them and used...
  14. OEM black lug nuts?

    Is there an OEM black lug nut? I tried some aftermarket spline nuts and functionally they where fine but they are smaller diameter and do not fill the opening in the wheel as well as the OEM.
  15. Leveling my sport S max tow

    Pretty much finished the suspension work on my sport s max tow. Happy with it. I installed Daystar 1.5” front spacers and .75” rear spacers. Front springs from a Rubicon LE, 340 and 343. Front and rear Rubicon Fox shocks. Mopar lower control arms from the Mopar 2” lift, you can buy them new for...
  16. Coverking headliner

    Has anyone tried the Coverking headliner ? Looks pretty good.
  17. Massachusetts Sold: Toyo A/T III 285/75/17s on sport S rims

    Set of 4 Toyo A/T III 285/75/17 on JT rims. Tires were purchased middle of October ‘20 under 15k miles, current tread depth is 13/32nds, new is 16.5/32nds. they are SKU 355690 load range C 33.9” tall, 11.3” wide 59lbs. Mounted on oem JT sport S rims. Includes TPMS. Tires and wheels are perfect...
  18. Bestop EZRoll questions

    With the EZRoll bed cover can you leave the cover release straps inside the bed so you have to open the tailgate to release it? Also any deals on this for forum members? Thanks
  19. Massachusetts Sold: Steel spare wheel with Bridgestone Dueler AT tire

    New spare on steel wheel, no rust or marks on the wheel, never used. 245/75/17. Located 15 miles north of Boston. $75
  20. Massachusetts Sold: Rubicon Fox shocks and rear springs

    Rubicon shocks and rear springs of Rubicon LE with 8k miles. $225 for shocks, $25 for rear springs. Located 15 miles north of Boston.