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  1. Help….Fox ATS Stabilizer

    Thank you sir. Wish I had know this when ordering it! Looks like I’m putting the old one back on this I can get a new bolt here
  2. Help….Fox ATS Stabilizer

    Bought the ATS through shaft stabilizer and tried to install it tonight. Problem is, the bolt that attaches closest to the tire is a carriage bolt that is squared off for about a inch or so and the end of the stabilizer is completely round and won’t allow the bolt to seat properly. (See pics)...
  3. Help needed on adding grille and headlight trim

    IDK if it’ll fit or not but I swapped out the silver inserts out of my Overland to black. If you want to pay shipping costs, you can have them. The black inserts in the middle wouldn’t come with it but here’s what I have
  4. i'll be the first 315/70r17 on a STOCK Willys

    I can confirm. My Overland rubs slightly at full lock. Mopar lift going on tomorrow….damn just saw this was a old post 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Shout out to darksidedesign

    Oh shit, I’ll edit now 🤣
  6. Shout out to darksidedesign

    Ordered a front and rear set of grab handles from @darksidedesign and they shipped quick, look bad ass and are good quality! Thanks again Preston!
  7. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    Thanks Wayne. I’ll try to remember to post some pics whenever the stuff shows up and I can get it installed
  8. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    So OEM got back with me, they want $1998 for the rest of the system. The 8 speaker package I won came today and I installed the dash tweets and the 4 sound bar speakers (need more time to install the knee pods) and have to say the difference is very noticeable without any amplification. I...
  9. A rough morning…

    Damn it man. Hoping y‘all are ok
  10. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    Damn it, now you have me thinking i’d he better off going with their system, assuming they’ll sell me just the other parts at a decent price lol. They did reply to me yesterday that they’d get back to me with a answer but I haven’t heard yea or nay yet. Thanks again for the input
  11. looking to upgrade the factory stereo

    I’d be interested in the diagram please
  12. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    Thanks for the info! The $2500 dollar question is….would you buy it again? I’m looking for better than decent so I may end up just going with a sub box and a couple of amps the old fashioned way
  13. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    I have the Alpine system. Speakers are supposed to be here tomorrow so I’ll see how they sound and report back
  14. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    And your one of my favorite kinda people, post a smart ass comment when you clearly don’t have the system I asked if anyone had experience with or a link wouldn’t be needed. Google is your friend :facepalm:
  15. Day one changes

    Thanks! I’m hoping to have the mopar lift installed this weekend and I’ll post some more pics. I’ve taken most of the badging off, put the BRP cat back exhaust on, added some Rok Blokz mud flaps and I’m waiting on some stereo equipment to get here. Have to wait until August to get in to the...
  16. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    I’m stoked but I really thought it was a scam lol, I had already bought replacement speakers from Crutchfield but hadn’t installed them yet, they’ll be going back. Still waiting for OEM to get back with me to see if I can buy the rest of the system.
  17. OEMAudioPlus speaker upgrade kit

    Anyone have any experience with their speaker upgrade packages? Front 1″ Soft Dome Tweeters (2) Front 4″ Wideband Speakers (2) Rear 1″ Soft Dome Tweeters (2) Rear 4″ Wideband Speakers (2) Total of eight (8) Speakers I won these in a giveaway on Instagram and real curious if anyone has heard...
  18. Day one changes

    I I was ashamed for sure but I had to wait for them to get here but it’s on there now! I Like your hood decals, thinking about doing the A logo on a JTopsUSA sunshade, the gal said they could do it but wasn’t sure how it would show up on the top with the colors I wanted…May just have to do a...
  19. Center Console: Dropped Credit Card in through E-Brake Slot

    Thanks! I never really noticed that before but I can sure se how it could eat a card but man, what’s the odds of it landing in there? I think you should go get you some lottery tickets!
  20. Center Console: Dropped Credit Card in through E-Brake Slot

    That sucks! Can you post a pic of where it fell into? Wanna make sure I stay away from that deal lol