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  1. Illinois Sold: WTB shock extensions.

    Looking to buy some shock extensions. If you have some laying around and want to sell,let me know .
  2. What’s it worth

    What a fair price for a dealer to pay me for my Gladiator ? Thinking of selling and going a different direction in life. 2020 JTR with 35,000 miles. hydro blue, black leather, safety package, 8.4 in screen, runs and drives great. 37s on factory wheels, 2 inch tereflex front level with mopar...
  3. Illinois Rubicon factory rock rails

    Factory 2020 Rubicon rock rails. they were removed from the Gladiator with only a few thousands miles on them . Been sitting in the garage quite a while. Bumper in photo is sold already. the bed sliders are already sold as well. Asking $100 I can deliver to the St Louis Missouri area if that...
  4. Illinois JL rubicon wheels with 37/12.50 Patagonias.

    Will come with TPMS and spacers if you want them. I am not currently using the spacers and I have no rubbing on my Rubicon. includes five wheels and tires all balanced and ready to go. Lots of tread left. I was trying to sell the KMC XD 137 with the ridge grapplers but I think I will see which...
  5. Which look better? Honest opinions

    Trying to decide what I think looks better between the kmc xd137 with 37/13.50/20 nitto ridge grapplers and the factory rubicon wrangler wheels with 37/12.50/17 patagonias. Lets Here your thoughts.
  6. Illinois Sold: 37/13.50/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and KMC XD 137 wheels

    Set of five wheels and tires with sensors. Approx 8k miles. Almost $6000 new. Asking $3000 OBO new these tires tread depth is 18/32 . four tires are just over 14/32 and the spare is brand new. spare did fit under bed in spare tire location.
  7. Illinois Ridge grapplers

    I have five wheels and tires with about 4 thousand miles on setup. Just seeing if anyone would be interested in trading for a set of 35s. these ridge grapplers are super quiet on the road. Just a bit to much on my Rubicon with current setup. I’m about an hour north of St Louis. I would sell the...