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    Weirder still is that I got a mid year 2022 JTR (built 4/22) and did not order it but got it anyway.
  2. Yellowstone!

    Cool images. It's hard to beat our oldest National Park. We stayed just over the state line in Montana, and there was a great restaurant called "Bullwinkles" that had great food and great regional beers like Moose Drool.
  3. OEM wheel balancing weights

    I've used DT, and while in California, American Tire for 20 years. They have always gone out of their way to make things right, including now giving me a deal getting rid of the Kanati Trail Hogs (won't balance) to Goodyear Ultraterrain 35s (E series). The latter is a different story I'll run...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Well, there must be some forward/back movement. Even on the OEM/Mopar 2" lift system I have the tolerances between everything is pretty close. I noticed that re-torquing everything the other day. I had to used different sized sockets in different places, and twist my old body around in ways...
  5. Wrangler options not available on Gladiator

    And according to my dealer even if they install it, it won’t be covered under warranty so if there is an issue with the axles, diffs, seals etc. it’s on you. I asked about the 4.56 for my JTR using Dana-Spicer gears. If you’re past warranty it won’t matter.
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I checked mine and no dent - yet. I went up some pretty good steps and waterfalls last week and have the Mopar lift. I'll now keep a look out for that. Do you have a lift?
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Is the u-joint greaseable Dan? As an old guy, I'm always leary of "lifetime" u-joint cups that you can't lube. The OEM front shaft has a "lifetime" u-joint, but it doesn't get as much service.
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Re-torqued suspension from the Mopar 2" lift installed 7/21. Track bar was the only thing a tiny bit loose. Re-torqued Ion 715 wheels (Kanati Trail Hog 35s) installed 7/28. Heading for southern Colorado mid-week and Great Sands National Monument. That's about it for mods other than some...
  9. What winch shackle are you running?

    F55 Flatlink (grey)
  10. Help a middle-aged Marine with your opinion

    I have the OEM ones and use them all the time to get into my lifted Jeep. Red for Rubicon. OLLLLLD Marine
  11. Anyone having problem registering car in NY purchased from Gupton?

    The DMV (MVD) in New Mexico also requires that. If you buy in-state it's not an issue, the dealer does that. When I bought a Tacoma in Utah, I got that document from Utah.
  12. Arizona New (nearly) Rubicon Falken Wildpeaks and wheels

    I think I did but already have a buyer.
  13. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Edit: DT is having trouble balancing. Bounce at 65-75 mph. I’ll report back when they rebalance.
  14. 37" All Terrains. What options am I missing?

    I have Kanati Trail Hogs and they’re great on and off road.
  15. Service writer says "we don't recommend or do 5 tire rotations"

    Look intriguing. I'll check our wine and beer store. I had some of those when I was in Amsterdam years ago.
  16. Discount Tire Experience

    I bought Ion wheels from Extreme and Kanatis from Simpletire and discount mounted and balanced in 45 minutes, then tweaked the balance a couple weeks later all for $150. I’m a return customer for 15 years. They don’t carry Kanati or I would have got them from them.
  17. Visor Garage Door Opener

    Same here, but I have a coded panel outside too. The builder installed it when we built the house.
  18. People confused why I removed Mojave hood stickers and badges from my Jeep

    Yeah my wife likes all the Rubicon red too.
  19. New Mexico Nearly new JTR suspension for sale

    Ok. Sick of them in my garage. Offer. You pay shipping. I get a discount at UPS.
  20. New Mexico New (nearly) Rubicon Falken Wildpeaks and wheels

    Sorry looks like they’re sold to a guy in CO. Meeting half way on the 17th. If it falls apart I’ll let you know. I still have the OEM Rubicon suspension.