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  1. Grab Handle for front seats

    I found these while looking at their cowl light bracket. They are nice and sturdy. Installation is real easy. The pictures are not the best. I did this at 2:30am, before going to bed, due to the outdoor temps. MWNYO 2 Pack Grab Handles Black Alloy Roll Bars for 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler JL...
  2. Dealer wants my Gladiator

    The dealer has been sending emails for a while. They finally called, and said they could give me a good price and put me in a new one for a lower monthly payment. I sent them a Build Sheet of what I would have to have to replace it. I had to use the 2021 Build and Price tool, since the 2022...
  3. RSI opening plant in TX

    RSI opening new facility in Texas. They are also hiring.
  4. Trail Rail Cleats

    I noticed this morning that these dropped from $17 to $12 each, and $18 for a pair. They are supposed to work with the Jeep rails. Amazon has the holiday return period activated, so things are returnable until 1/31. I ordered a pair to try on the front rail. PFCC PT278-35112 Bed Cleat for...
  5. Mopar Wearables

    Got this today, if anyone's interested. Celebrate Fall! Take 25% off your order when you spend $75 at Use Code FALL25OFF Offer valid through Oct 20th, 2021 11:59pm eastern time
  6. Electric Chainsaw - Amazon Sale - 10/6/21

    This is on Amazons Deal of the Day. A 16" Electric Chainsaw for $149. Price is good until midnight.
  7. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner on sale right now

    Don't know how long the price will last, but Amazon currently has it for $79.96 (20% off). This is the recommended OBD scanner for Jscan and AlfaOBD.
  8. Platform Rack for RSI SmartCap

    What are the dimensions for the Platform Rack (Length and Width)? What is the availability status for the Platform Rack?
  9. Roof Rack for RSI SmartCap

    I'm looking for recommendations for a Roof Rack for my RSI SmartCap. Anything to watch for from those who have installed one? I know there were some posts about them in the RSI SmartCap thread, but I don't really want to go back through 43 pages to find them.
  10. Nevada Oracle $10 Discount Code

    I have a $10 Oracle Lighting Discount Code. I'm not going to be using it, and they won't put the points back in my account. Free to the first person to respond.
  11. Waterproof Bluetooth

    Since I didn't get the Jeep bluetooth speaker option, I ordered one of these to keep in the Jeep. Amazon has some Doss Bluetooth speakers on their Deal of the Day. The Pro model lets two of them be paired together for...
  12. Hottest day of the year (here), so far.

    I had to do a job this afternoon. Forty miles across the valley and back. Needed to get gas on the way home, and snapped this pic. Engine temp is good and AC is blowing cold air. The fan was quite loud at the drive thru when I got lunch. I have an Overland with the Tow package that I bought...
  13. Simple AUX for the Jeep JL

    I saw this in someone else's post the other day, can't remember where. It looked like something that would be nice to have. I don't want to do the soldering myself, so I ordered one with the crimp connectors. $41.08 with shipping.
  14. DIY Dual Battery Setup

    I'm putting in an Auxiliary Battery. Technically, this is a triple battery system, as the stock batteries will remain where they are. I'm going to post some pictures and update it as I work through the install. I found a stainless steel battery box that fits behind the right rear wheel...