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  1. Mopar Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets Released For Jeep Gladiator

    They should have gotten Vince to do the ad for these, he would have brought even more pep to the announcement
  2. AlfaOBD settings

    If you have the factory Aux switches, there’s a duplicate bundle of the underhood wires under the passenger side of the dash for each switch. Also in that bundle is a switched and always hot wire as well, you can use that for wiring the camera too.
  3. Mopar Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets Released For Jeep Gladiator

    It’s more than just blades. It’s 2 sets of blades, a set of wiper arms, and all the tubing parts.
  4. Mopar Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets Released For Jeep Gladiator

    I had a similar slip and delivery time as well lol
  5. Pay to update navigation?

    These are all basically reasons why I did the update myself. I do venture places where there is little or no cell service, so it's great having these as backup. The software update is nice too, plus unlike the maps it's not VIN locked, so I updated the radio in my wife's Durango too.
  6. POLL: Should I Buy A Soft Top ?

    It's actually not noisy at all. Little more noise than the hard top, but I can still easily carry on a phone call or conversation over 70 MPH on the highway.
  7. 3 piece Mopar Steel Bumper Question

    You are correct, they are all interchangeable.
  8. North Carolina Steel Bumper close out panels

    Interested in a set, I sent you a PM @Commanodjk13
  9. California Dana rear chromoly shafts - new in box - $400

    I would be unless it totally kills the deal. Zip code is 22630
  10. California Dana rear chromoly shafts - new in box - $400

    Wish you were closer, I would definitely be interested in these.
  11. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    You are correct. I tried it again this morning, and everything does operate and shift as it should. You could even hold down the + paddle and it will shift back from manual to automatic mode.
  12. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Did my install today and all went pretty well. I did notice that if I go into the radio and enable the paddle shifters, they say enabled for a couple seconds, then flip back to disabled, but seem to work fine if I pop the shifter into manual mode. Wondering if that’s what everyone else is seeing...
  13. North Carolina Half door uppers

    If you’re still looking talk to this guy, he just bought uppers, but it looks like he has premium uppers and a standard top.
  14. Delaware Black half doors

    Looks great! My front windows adjusted pretty easily and fit nice and snug. My back ones are pretty good, but I had to use the foam spacers to raise the upper rear corner as it was low. Those also don’t fit in quite as tight as the fronts, but so far they have not leaked at all during the rains...
  15. Delaware Black half doors

    That's awesome! Enjoy the half doors.
  16. Delaware Black half doors

    No problem, hope it works out. Least I can do since I had a set of black half doors fall into my lap earlier this year lol
  17. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Awesome sounds good. I thought I had read/heard there was some issue with getting the paddles to fit the wheel correctly that required some modification, but if not even better. Probably will go ahead and order the stuff then.
  18. Delaware Black half doors

    Hey, I saw a set for sale on FB Marketplace in MD if that helps:
  19. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Did you have to do anything special to get them to fit, or did they just pop on? Assuming you need the harness too? I’m thinking this might be the route I go since the non matching stitching of the 392 wheel will probably kill my OCD.