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  1. Start/Stop Curiosity

    So not an issue, but when I disengage the start/stop, sometimes I get the yellow Bang icon on my dash display, but normally not so much. Have you seen this issue/non-issue, or no. It does not influence the way anything operates, I just find it odd.....
  2. Just had an AW CRAP! moment

    I was washing my jeep today, and saw something on the roof that troubled me to no end! Anyone else seeing this in their clear coat?
  3. Why are wheels so hard to figure out?

    So I found a wheel I like that would probably be a great match for my sting gray paint, and the website says they will not fit the Gladiator: Helo 901 Then I look at the wheel size, and wonder why? Maybe it`s the offset? So then I got to Wheel-Size and it shows they fit, with the exception...