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  1. Colorado Icon Vehicle Dynamics 1.38in Rear Spacer Kit

    for sale - new and never installed - USD 100 - shipping not included
  2. Colorado Front and Rear EVO 2.5" spring set

    Both front and rear have circ.15k miles on them - Boulder/Denver area - 300USD for both.
  3. Colorado Rockslide Engineering Step Sliders

    For sale in Boulder/Denver area a set of Rock Slide engineering steps for JT. They are in good shape and have never been used for rock crawling - I just replaced the driver side motor and they work fine. The driver side step is slightly scuffed. These are available for pick-up only- $1750 - Pics...
  4. So many issues with 2020 Gladiator

    Just had my engine destroyed from poor camshaft design - 40k miles and It is good for the dump...
  5. TeraFlex - New JT Products!

    Looks very promising ! Any member discount for ordering any of those ?
  6. Texas Ultimate Dana 60s for JT - 4.88 / E-Lockers *NEW*

    Hi, are these still available? thanks
  7. DAVECS1 TUNES Now Officially offering Supercharger Tune Support!!!

    Dave - I wish you a ton of success! your tune was the only thing that prevented me from unbolting that Maggy from my truck - thank you and good luck !
  8. Colorado Rebel off-road Xplor bed rack full height

    Hi all, Price drop to 600! that is about half price vs new
  9. Colorado Rebel off-road Xplor bed rack full height

    Price drop 750! + power tank bracket included !
  10. Colorado Rebel off-road Xplor bed rack full height

    Price drop to 850 !
  11. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Hi Dave, Yes I could do that ! thanks
  12. Colorado Rebel off-road Xplor bed rack full height

    Hi, I bough the truck with the rack already installed and am getting an AToverland Habitat camper - so no need for this anymore
  13. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Sorry forgot to mention this is 2020 JTR
  14. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    HI Dave I live at 7000ft of elevation and most of my driving is between 5500 and 10000 ft. I run 37s currently on 4.10 (might move to 5.13 shortly...). I uploaded the file you sent me and it works much better than the Magnuson supplied tune but I still have some oscillations/hiccups around...
  15. Colorado Sold: Rebel off-road Xplor bed rack full height

    For sale Rebel off-road full height bed rack coated in black Excellent condition comes w rotopax for water 2 gal and fuel 2.5 gal $950 Am based around Boulder Co and would rather not ship this as it is pretty heavy but if you are willing to pay for transport let me know and we will figure this...
  16. Colorado Sold: Taser Mini new - SOLD

    For sale my tazer mini new and never plugged in nor registered. $250 shipping included.