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  1. What about coffee?

    I have ground beans at home and taken that with me. Recently bought one of Stanley's stainless presses good for 2-3 cups which is more than enough for me. Cleanup is easy and it goes right on my Coleman burner or Blackstone grill.
  2. 22s on 37s on the beach?

    Love this thread! Playing in the sand is a nice change from trails and the rocky stuff. Been to Oceano dunes a couple times in recent pst. Got 13.5 wide tread I’d say not much need to air down but can say it makes a difference. 20 is good but last time think I went 15. Nobody here mentioned how...
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Washed and detailed but not nearly clean enough lol 🐷 These bug splats in central valley are on another level.
  4. Would you buy a base gladiator if you couldnt do any mods?

    Lol calm down man 😛 I was super stoked on the Gladiator first time I saw one, and it was a sport. I didn’t even know these existed until I started shopping tacos. Put any truck next to a highly moded version of same it will probably look inferior but sorta the point.
  5. Would you buy a base gladiator if you couldnt do any mods?

    Huh haven’t read the thread start to finish yet but in the spirit of the question could I buy and mod say a base Bronco or say Tacoma? A base Ranger might be a few G$ less so then I could afford a modest wheels and lift package.
  6. TeraFlex SALE at Northridge4x4!

    Thanks for that I found the arms. Already have all the 4” kit components been waiting on the arms. No worry about the wait.
  7. TeraFlex SALE at Northridge4x4!

    Any chance I can get the deiscount on the JT long arms? Are they even shipping yet?
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Full tank of gas… pretty expensive “mod” given I was running on empty 😜
  9. Camping with your Gladiator

    Up and down the CA central coast and the Sequoias. Mostly for hiking but got jn some fire trails and the Oceano dunes.
  10. TeraFlex - New JT Products!

    Been waiting an, ahem, long time for these to before available. Love the vid thanks for the update!
  11. Anybody upgrade the roll bar speaker on there alpine Upgraded stereo

    Did you do the front dash speakers already? Inhave the Alpine “upgrade” also. For bit over $50 Can do the infinity upgrade in dash. I did it a bit ago makes a massive improvement in range. Music becomes much more detailed. Takes 20 minutes to swap them out.
  12. New Method 705 Bead Grip Wheels

    704s here IMO all the method 7xx look excellent on the JT. Bead grip seems to function have been airing down to 12psi no issues yet on sand or rock.
  13. Show me your DUCKS !

    On way to Moab for EJS22 staid nearby in Green River night before. Found this in the morning first I’ve received aince buying the JT in December. Lotta fun, bought a few online to give away around here.
  14. Sarge Green Cali in Bakersfield CA

    Been a bit. Did a bit of camping around California, hit some fire trails. Installed some simple grab handles. Other than gas prices zero negatives to report. Hit 10k and did my own oil change, cabin filter and engine air filter. Boy that cabin filter was gross 🤢 Maintenance was simple but does...
  15. First theft .. Crosby shackles

    Made a slight miscalculation at the dunes last week. Got lucky and a couple in an XJ immediately stopped to help. Was glad I had a shackle already attached so they didn’t have to waste any more of their time waiting on me. I doubt I would have had the presence of mind to put one on before going in.
  16. Stopped using door hinge nuts

    ROFL insert word “pins” between “took” and “off”
  17. Fire Fire! My Gladiator burned down

    Wow and I thought I was having a bad day
  18. Bad Fox Shock

    I see it now! The AR is a big upgrade in many ways but not cheap.
  19. Bad Fox Shock

    Was that with the AR? My ARs make some noise due to the type of joint when going over larger bumps or anything off road. Seems to be normal afaict.
  20. 8 speed transmission law suit............

    I did not see the ZR2 listed but know that has been one with many problems. WRT our 8 speed my service guy said they don’t even have anybody at the dealer that specializes in it they have to out source it.