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  1. Driveshaft, I definitely got the shaft.

    What were you expecting when you didn't correct the driveline geometry after a significant suspension lift, and then went flexing off-road? You shafted yourself, no?
  2. Can someone explain why I still love my truck??

    You own a Jeep/ Chrysler/ Fiat product.
  3. If you could do it again... Gas or Diesel?

    Of course there's a huge difference and maybe I needed to clarify what I meant by "come into play" as in by necessity. I don't see the necessity. Now given my experience with gas and diesel are largely different: My JTRD runs Florida trails, sand hills, mud holes, etc. And I've wheeled a JLUR...
  4. Do all 3.0L's have the same transfer case?

    No. Rubicon 4:1 Rock Trac part time 4WD All others 2.72:1 Command Trac part time 4WD
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Finally reached max droop!
  6. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    You are out of your Vulcan mind, lol. I know you have some grasp on what you are trying to convey but in your effort to be a smartass about it you've messed it all up.
  7. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Except for maybe axle strain, tall tires and high ratios cancel each other out, no? I find my 37 KO2s on factory gearing shift too fast on light acceleration, okay during heavy acceleration at lower speeds, and too slow for heavy acceleration at higher speeds. You can thank the Rubicon TC for...
  8. POLL: Should I Buy A Soft Top ?

    I'm grateful that I rented a hardtop Wrangler before ordering my Gladiator so I would know which top NOT to get. It's a great marketing ploy for what should have been named Bondage Panels.
  9. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    She's gonna be a beast. Hope a delete kit comes with it! I think you're in Wrangler territory now. As far as Gladiators go (and only 22my is coming up on the Jeep website) gas Rubicons and Max tow sports are offered in 4.10, everything else 3.73. Rubicon wranglers have 4 different gear ratio...
  10. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    For the same reason the trans gears are identical? Conformity? Some emissions standard? Let's face it; there's a 2" difference between the shortest and tallest of the 3 tires offered from the factory and the MPG stats on the 31 and 32" tires are identical but the 33s are starting to slip which...
  11. Active Safety in a 22…should I just order?

    I WANTED adaptive cruise. I HAD to get active safety to get the adaptive cruise. Active safety paid for itself in the first few months.
  12. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Are you running a tune? With a GDE and 37s on .73 I struggle to get 19 combined. Has been as low as 16 and that's with a light foot. Rack, Softopper, and about 400# cargo.
  13. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Everybody is a nobody in this forum, except for maybe Shadow's Papa. I know what you mean; Nobody understands me and my art.
  14. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    That's the opposite of how torque application works. Think of two sledgehammers that weigh 5lbs each resting on a table. One has a 2' handle and the other a 4' handle. Laying your arm on the table you grab one at a time and lift them vertically by the base of the handle. The shorter handle is...
  15. Who is running 37"-40" tires on the diesel

    Regearing returns engine rpms at a given speed to optimum (factory) levels, NTM reducing strain on the drivetrain. The question isn't whether the diesel can perform without a regear; it's: can it perform optimally without a regear, and that answer is no. We already see a loss from the factory...
  16. BFG K02 question

    Yes. A tuned diesel has plenty of power but at the same time you can feel the strain on the drivetrain from being under geared and my light-footed MPGs suffer horribly (IMO.) 19 is my hand calculated best tank. I rented a gas JLU Rubicon with 35" KO2s and was surprised that power was not as bad...
  17. BFG K02 question

    My Speedo seems to be the most accurate when I set tire diameter at roughly 35.5" for my D rated 37" KO2s and I run them at 40psi. I've been holding off on a regear because I can't decide between 4.10s or 4.56s. The factory falkens are 33s and roughly 4" shorter than than the KO2s. So that's 2...
  18. People confused why I removed Mojave hood stickers and badges from my Jeep

    Never had a big ol' sticker on any part of any of my vehicles and had considered removing the Rubicon badges off the hood while waiting for delivery and even right after. But, like the red dash and Jeep waves, they've grown on me also. It's kind of a disadvantage though: You get through a...
  19. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    Diesels are much better on-road, and gassers are much better off-road.