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  1. OEM wheel balancing weights

    That’s the thing though I wasn’t just thought I would as part of routine maintenance should’ve just had rotation done and not let them balance they caused a problem when they shouldn’t have because of their negligence
  2. OEM wheel balancing weights

    It will show if it’s balanced, that is an option without having to remove and start over to tell
  3. OEM wheel balancing weights

    Had they had just checked without removing the weights first it would’ve saved the headache if they were in balance to being with, now they’re clearly not because ride quality is adversely effected now because of their negligence
  4. OEM wheel balancing weights

    You’re right but it does have the option to tell you if they’re in or out of balance from the start without adding or removing unless they are
  5. OEM wheel balancing weights

    You can check to see if it’s balanced with the weights on before taking them off?
  6. OEM wheel balancing weights

    Because they took off the inner weights too, and didn’t put them back on, and now my wheels are unbalanced because of their negligence those should never be touched
  7. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    Ignorance is bliss, man, that’s my guess, just ignorant
  8. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    What’s more reliable then the newly designed Pentastar, I can’t think of any others in their lineup as reliable
  9. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    But it won’t because the engine will over heat because there’s not enough room in the bay to keep it cool enough to
  10. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    “Beware the Pentastar” and it’s notoriously the most reliable engine in the FCA lineup.
  11. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    I’m sure there’s a slight lag because it uses a turbo
  12. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    There were a select few that had issues in 2020, not a lot, I’ve had 4 now with no issues at all. The engine design now is different than it was in 2015
  13. What's New - 2023 Gladiator Colors

    They made a mistake replacing snaz
  14. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    Just got unlucky I guess, but no more unlucky than the majority in comparison that have had issues with the ecodiesel
  15. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    touché well, 68% of the parts come from the US at least. 😂
  16. OEM wheel balancing weights

    I don’t see any weights, can I get a better close-up snap? 😂😂😂
  17. Beware 3.6 Penstar

    It does actually because he was referring to his Diesel engine being that much more reliable, reading comprehension, bro