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  1. iPhone 14 turning inReach into dodo...

    I wonder if after 2 years (if you still have the 14) if they'll charge based on messages actually sent or require a subscription. I can see many people thinking they'd never use it and not opt in for a subscription, but the first time a plane crashes in the middle of no where people would want...
  2. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Hey Jack ✌🏻 This reminds me of a Henry Ford quote. Paraphrasing here but essentially when working on the Model T he said, “If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.”
  3. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    The Recon looks interesting. Sort of a cross between a Wrangler, Renegade and Liberty. Capabilities, range and cost will determine how successful it is.
  4. Are KO2s also narrow?

    When I was tire shopping I remember seeing specs that showed they were narrower. I think I was looking at Tire Rack, Discount Tire, Belle Tire, BFGs site... Are you looking for a narrow tire or to avoid a narrow tire? I went with the 35" Toyo ATIIIs because they were narrower than many other...
  5. Gas mileage on sand in four-wheel-drive mode?

    Driving for a couple hours on dunes, going up and down hills, accelerating quickly, even hitting flat stretches at 50 MPH in 4H / Offroad+, running around 14 PSI, I get about 12 MPG. I did not reset my stats before going on dunes last time so I suppose that could be a little high, but as...
  6. IPhone disconnects from Jeep

    This may not be your problem but I'd double check your cable. Lots of posts saying only cables from Apple work consistently. This includes making sure the cable hasn't started to fray. Also, what version of iOS is your phone on? If it needs an update that could be a possible culprit too.
  7. Ordering Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    Since you mentioned dunes, I'll ask if you've look at the JT Mojave (what I have). Similar to the Rubicon but built for high speed desert / sand / dune running. This is not available in the Wrangler. My go to off roading are dunes in West Michigan and I love the Mojave for it. I started off with...
  8. Ordering Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    I came from a JKU and can offer my perspective. If you're not going to tow (much) and won't be hauling things like plywood, lumber or anything that would need the bed of the JT then personally, I'd do the Wrangler. As you mentioned, the Wranglers can get the XR pkg. If you're a "build" it...
  9. Stock wheels and 35’s

    I have the Toyo AT IIIs mentioned above and love them. They fit fine on the Mojave.
  10. Ugly or no?

    Looks great. When I had a JKU I'd leave the top completely on but remove all the doors and loved it.
  11. Fire Fire! My Gladiator burned down

    I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that ESS is not designed to improve fuel economy. I've seen reports that it has little to no impact on fuel economy. What it was designed for is to lessen emissions. The engine doesn't run at idle so it's not polluting. Having said that, Jeep's...
  12. An introduction to RSi.

    If you paid by credit card I'd contact them to see if you can report a problem with the charge. You paid for something and never received it. I've had this work for me when a seller has had supply issues or some shenanigans like this. If it's a larger company, like Capital One, Chase, Bank of...
  13. Fire Fire! My Gladiator burned down

    That's awful. I'm glad you are okay. Jeeps can be replaced, but lives can't.
  14. So why do people like ground tents?

    Not too many RTT that are tall enough or long enough to comfortably fit someone 6'4". Call me crazy, I like to stand up sometimes and not be crouching over all the time. Even if I were 25 years younger I don't think I'd be in the market for a RTT.
  15. Owner of Jeep left at dealer for oil change is sued after tragic accident

    I go to my dealer's website, pick a day and time, wait for them to show up in my driveway, toss them the keys and wait a couple hours for them to bring it back.
  16. Signs of Spring

    Did the same as the OP - Installed my Sunrider :)
  17. Best Tires for Sand…

    Last weekend I was running 12 PSI on the 35" Toyo ATIIIs.
  18. SiriusXM Guardian is Crazy

    That is insane. If I had a key fob remote start that stopped working and the manufacturer wanted a subscription, I'd sell it as fast as I could, avoid them and any related brands (in this case, Lexus) and make sure I told everyone I knew to avoid them like the plague. Edit - Assuming the...
  19. SiriusXM Guardian is Crazy

    Can you pass along which ones these are? I want to make sure to avoid them in the future.
  20. Snow in April?

    Yeah, I'll be at Silver Lake on Saturday. It is supposed to be 72.