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  1. Interest in: LongRanger AUX tank in the spare tire location

    Who would be interested in a AUX tank that went in the spare tire location? This would be similar to the Land Cruiser and 4Runner units they already have. Something that fits from frame rail to frame rail and from the pumpkin tapering up to the rear bumper would most likely hold 30-40gallons...
  2. AmorLite Floor Liner

    Anyone going to run the ArmorLite?
  3. Goose Gear and the Bluetooth Speaker

    Does the seat delete system work if you got the Bluetooth Speaker option?
  4. AEV Diesel JT suspension

    Looks like the AEV diesel JT suspension is coming along.
  5. Any rumors for 2022 Gladiator changes?

    Any rumors going around for changes, updates, trims, tweaks...etc Jeep might do to the Gladiator for 2022?
  6. Gladiator: Bed Water Tank

    Anyone mount up a tank against the bed bulk head up where the flowers are in the pic? This seems like it would be perfect for use with a GFC, Super Pacific, Alu-CAB. It would keep the weight lower in the bed and in the center-is of the vehicle. Alu-Cab has one specifically for the Canopy...
  7. Fuel sticker for Diesel and Petrol

    How about a fuel type sticker? Since we now have diesel and petrol, may be we need something fun to calls out diesel. Of course everyone should know that in the US, green means, diesel, but stickers are fun. I started this thread over on the JL site as well...
  8. Gladiator: Diesel Undercarriage Pics?

    Anyone know of some undercarriage shots of the diesel gladiator? I'm looking for the nice media shots that are like they flipped over the rig and took the shot.
  9. Diesel: Aux Tank or Larger Fuel tank

    If anyone knows of a larger replacement tank, or an aux tank please post up.
  10. Diesel: Dual Battery Setup

    For either the Gladiator or the Wrangler, what are the options for running dual full sized batteries? I saw something for the wrangler that put a battery back in the spare tire cubby. Is there any room to put two batteries under the hood of the 3.0?
  11. Tailgate: how much does it weigh

    Anyone know how much the OEM tailgate weighs? I plan on running the Alucab canopy camper and wonder how muchweight I’m removing before adding in 400+ lbs.
  12. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper: Color Combo help

    Help Needed: In thinking the canopy camper through, I was wondering if there are any pics of the following combo: Billet Sliver Gladiator Silver/unpainted Alu-cab canopy camper Or Any color Gladiator with a color matched canopy camper....except black of course.
  13. Future Engine for the Gladiator....guesses

    What's everyone's guess on future engines for the Gladiator? With the Bronco's engines and other competitors upping the game, what will jeep add or change in the engine line up? V8 maybe in the next 6-12monts? Inline 6 with forced air? Something total different? Any valid ideas?
  14. Brakes: Max Tow vs Rubicon

    It seems many of the Max Tow items can be spec'd on the Rubicon. However, I'm wondering about the brakes. Is there difference between the front or rear brakes? If they are bigger on the Max Tow, can a Rubicon be upgraded? Do we know what brakes come on the Mojave?
  15. Building a Mojavicon: Adding Lockers and Swaybar to a Mojave

    I really like all the updates to the Mojave, but still want the OEM sway bar disconnect and front locker. What are the chances, the wiring harness is the same? Also, wondering if the fox reservoir location would impede the installation of the OEM swaybar disconnect. Items needed? Sway bar...
  16. Gladiator Podcast by Overland Journal

    A very good podcast about using the Gladiator as an Overland Platform.
  17. Bed Rail Protector Options

    Are there any options on the market yet to replace the plastic bed rail protector. Many moons ago I had an S10 that had these nice aluminum tread plate versions. They were quite thick and nicely formed to match the bed curves and really took a beating without showing signs of wear. I would...
  18. JT takes care of the TPMS issue

    Go to 14:00 in this video. Looks like to can set two pressures. A hi and a low. The horn sounds when you reach the set pressure.
  19. RCV Axles: two piece and one piece versions

    RCV just released their axles for the JL. A piece version that uses the FAD and a One piece version that deletes the FAD.