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    LOL I am bluntly honest. Some people don't like that. :CWL:
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    I want to thank their Moms
  3. Camping with your Gladiator

    Yes That WaterPort looks like a competitor to the Yakima. I am leaning towards something like that with a pop up shower/changing room.
  4. Best Dead Pedal?

    I installed the following today. I skipped the pad. Sooooo much better.
  5. Camping with your Gladiator

    Thanks but your answer is like the people who give 5 stars on amazon when they open the box and still have not used the product. I am looking for Experience backed examples.
  6. Camping with your Gladiator

    I went Rock Crawling at Rausch Creek on Saturday and AOAA on Sunday and stayed at the Trailhead Campground in between the nights. It worked out very well. One thing that I am having a hard time deciding on is a portable shower/tent combo. Everything I find seems to have mixed reviews...
  7. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    Apparently my buddy snapped some pictures on saturday, so here it is, my failed attempt at the hard line on Crawler Ridge In the third pic, I was trying to keep my driver front tire to the right of the next rock. The line is to go over it.
  8. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    My comp rig had everything gusseted and welded when I added Hydro Assist. Just look at how beefy this combo track bar, hydro mount is on the axle side I can't find a pic of the frame side mount. But we bolted that on, and once bolted in place we welded it. That was not going anyway.
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    One can hope it does
  10. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    OK shameless Advertising for my Club. If you go to either RC or AOAA twice, after joining BMJA, you have ROI. We did a pretty Epic Tire Stack Picture at the end of the day in the Red/Black Group I am the last Jeep on the right. Who needs an RTI Ramp when you have a friends tire?
  11. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    40's life Am I right? :rock:
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    I was always a Mary Ann fan.
  13. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    FYI, I ended wheeling on Saturday at RC, before heading to AOAA today. I headed over to Crawler Ridge to scope it out. Most of the trail is super easy. The interesting side in on the left side of the map where the word “Ridge” is written. There are 4 paths you can take. The right should be...
  14. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    I try to get to the park around 8 so I can take my time and meet up with everyone and hit the trails by 9. I think BMJA would be happy to have more jeeps. The regulars are a really nice group of people and know the trails very well
  15. Couple questions about JT towing.

    Here ya go To the OP don't do it. but if you do Please film it :CWL:
  16. Advice on dealing with difficult salesperson

    Please share that asshat's number. and Go to a different dealership
  17. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    FYI I will be camping at AOAA this Saturday - Sunday and Rock Crawling with BMJA on Sunday. This is on top of 10/22 Just felt like bragging, but it's also an invite :CWL:
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    I worked at Denny's my entire college life. I can vouch, this is True. LOL
  19. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    That is amazing i cant wait to hear how this works out.
  20. Fall run at Rausch Creek 10/22

    I've never heard of that, Does it help recover some of the loss of motor functionality? and definitely best wishes on a successful surgery and fast recovery