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  1. Weird debris when changing rear axle oil

    the thinner stuff can be bearing cages or maybe spider gear shims if it's anything like my old 8.8. If you are out of warranty I would pull the ring gear carrier and inspect that and the bearings and shims that are part of it. A few folks have had pinion bearings go as well, with the carrier...
  2. Weird debris when changing rear axle oil

    thin like foil or hard like chunks?
  3. Rock Krawler 1.5 leveling kit

    mine the 29" version seemed fine, no dead spots, good gas charge, function well. I would suggest talking to RKK about this and see what they think since they manufacturer them. The shocks aren't anything off-road special, they are a monotube shock, pretty simple, they use shims to control...
  4. What anti-freeze for the 3.0?

    I am pretty sure this is the stuff, but when i enter the part number and have my model jeep input it says it's not for it...... But it lists every other 3.0 model.... That's why i was going to make it a jeep dealer parts...
  5. What anti-freeze for the 3.0?

    ha, i need to call the dealer to order some myself. It's on my list of things to do this week. I have the same issue as you. The owners manual states what fluid to use, which is a little confusing cause when you read it, it sounds like a generic thing, but the generic sounding name is the...
  6. Lincoln Locker

    that's a fine parking brake
  7. Currie Extreme 60’s whining noise

    There is another thread on here of a guy complaining about whining after install. His installer complained that he has been getting poor quality Yukon gears lately and one needs to pay close attention to the markings on the gears that show up in the box to verify it's true Yukon quality. Your...
  8. Turbo failure?

    i believe that valve can also be leveraged as an exhaust brake, aka another version of a jake brake. I believe the Rams use it for that feature. GDE can add the feature to JEEPs with their tune.
  9. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    You just need to drive faster to shake all the rocks out ....🤣
  10. Arizona JL/JT Rubicon Front Tow Hooks - Tucson

    Front Rubicon tow hooks, good shape no damage. $60 bucks plus shipping or local pick up. PM me.
  11. Front bumper with integrated receiver

    Follow up to close out the thread. @CavFab_MFG Got it powder coated to match the rear bumper and rock rails. Cavfab JK / JL / JT Crawler Series Front Winch Bumper With Hoop + mods
  12. ARE Bed Cap Topper weight requires upgrading to taller rear springs / spring spacers?

    I had a little squat butt, when i ran my cap and my crap in the back and more squat when fully loaded for camping. I was running rock krawler 3" springs front and back. I have since swapped the rear springs for rock krawler 4.5" rear springs and it now has a little rake with a mild load and...
  13. Replacement rear axles for sport s with max tow

    You need three things to talk to manfr in an informed way. PUll the shafts. measure their lengths, mesure the diameter where the bearing rides and the diameter of the spline end. Also count the number of splines. That should give a MFR enough info to cross referance a model to. 90% chance you...
  14. Ram ending 2023 EcoDiesel V6 as of Jan 2023. Does this spell end of the EcoDiesel Gladiator? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Interesting especially since they just did a full update to the ecoD in 2020 going from gen2 to gen3. investing that kind of money only to carry a new motor for 3 years doesn't seem like good business sense.
  15. Three fatalities in Gladiator accident on Camp Bird Road near Ouray, CO
  16. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    You don't get a vote, you have moved on........ :LOL:
  17. Diesel cooling options and ideas

  18. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    Thanks for your clarification. Not trying to be a dick but with the mesh installed it creates a bias in your report that some speed readers may miss and take your info as gods word ;)
  19. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    maybe i have missed something, but your ruby open vent tests, you used some sort of fine screen/filter material to prevent rain intrusion? Did you do a test with no screen fabric also? I ask because mesh that fine will only have a open area less then 50% which means already small openings are...