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  1. Anyone else get a survey and follow up call?

    I got a survey from Jeep where I made my voice heard. Interestingly, I got a follow up phone call from a rep. Not sure if this is just get them to hush or an actual effor to resolve issues and avoid future lawsuits. My two concerns: 1) The center console USB port doesn't work with CarPlay The...
  2. July pre-order for EPIC Kraken Tire Inflation System for Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator (JL/JT) is live!

    Looks like there’s a batch of these coming out in the next week or so. Yeah I ordered mine before I made it public. Call me guilty! Link to product:
  3. Nevada Sold: WTB Rubicon LED Fender DRL and Harness

    Willing to spend $200 on a set.
  4. Calling Winch Experts - Bad Solenoid on HF Apex Winch?

    So I took a gamble on an Badland Apex 12,000lb winch I found on OfferUp, sealed in box for $300. Even on sale right now it would have cost me $600.00 with tax. It had the original tape and all hardware was still sealed in factory packaging. I got it wired up and ready to go, however, I'm...
  5. Nevada Sold: Rubicon Plastic Bumper FREE

    Come and pick it up in 89101, no shipping unless you just want to take the red tow hooks. Fog lights included, no harness though. Make me an offer.
  6. Installing Baja designs fogs?

    Just ordered a BD Squadron Pro fog light kit. Curious for those of you with aftermarket fogs, do you use an auxilariy switch or did you change the pcm settings to use the factory switch via tazer or JSCAN?
  7. Rugged Ridge Arcus - Amazon 20% off Coupon

    This the cheapest I’ve seen - I think the same price I almost picked this up for in November, def the cheapest including shipping and taxes to my door… $532.54. edit: adding the Amazon link to either save you $122...
  8. Anyone have a leaking front axle?

    I noticed this earlier in the week. I’m just at under 10k on the odometer with only minor off roading being done once. I have an appointment for next week to get it looked at. Anyone have a similar experience?
  9. Okay which one of us is this? Bad driver, language warning

    Well, we have someone giving us a bad name out there. Linkaroo to video on Reddit r/IdiotsInCars
  10. Nevada Sold: Badland Apex 12,000 Winch - $500 - Las Vegas

    I bought this last week and tossed the receipt... I need to scrounge up some cash so it's yours for $500 oBo. It's still brand new in the box. DM me or text 702-570-0739.
  11. Nevada Sold: EVC iDrive Controller - $90 shipped

    It was on my Jeep for about 100 miles, I don’t see a need for it on the diesel as it does nothing for the turbo lag. I can see a use case in the 3.6L gas JT. In original packaging, stickers and all still intact.
  12. Nevada Sold: JTRD Takeoffs - Las Vegas - $300

    Hi, I have the the take offs from my JTRD, I replaced my suspension before I even picked the truck up with a Mopar Lift. Local pick up only. PM, text 702-570-0739 or send a smoke signal.
  13. Paint run, anyone have this issue?

    I noticed yesterday a pretty bad (now that I see it) paint run on the driver side rear door. Has anyone had any luck getting a dealer to correct anything like this? I’ll see if I can capture it in a picture, but being white, it hides itself very well. I mean I am going likely pinstripe this...
  14. First service visit - not maintenance related

    So a few weeks ago my Jeep started screaming at me occasionally, the ABS light would come on as well as a message stating “service traction control system”. It would go off after a while and never be on permanently. I did the rational thing, google. I found a few threads of severed wire...
  15. Nevada Sold: WTB - OEM Rock Rails

    Looking to buy a set of rubicon factory rock rails for a project. PM me or reply if you have a set you’re looking to get rid of.
  16. Throttle controllers on Ecodiesel

    I have a buddy with the same truck as me, we got to talking about throttle controllers. I feel the JT has plenty of get up and go, but he wanted some extra “go” when you stomp the skinny pedal from a stop. Have any of you ran an iDrive or Pedal Commander? There seems to be plenty out there...
  17. Jefe’s Gladiator Rubicon EcoDiesel

    Intro Comments: I’ll never financially recover from this. Jeep's Nickname: tbd Model Year: 2021 Engine: EcoDiesel 3.0 V6 Trim: Rubicon Color: Bright White Purchase dealer: Peterson Jeep - Nampa, ID Purchase means: Sold order Delivery date: 10/28/2021 Factory Options: 8.4 Audio Aux Switches...
  18. 700 miles in and 1 CEL

    Turned on in the middle of nowhere Ely, Nevada - no drivability issues at all. I have an old wifi obd scanner that read the P026D, the JT is a little too new for it to read the codes properly. Per Google it’s a somewhat generic code relating to too much fuel coming from an injector. Any...
  19. Mechanical break down insurance through Geico?

    Does anyone have any experience with this add on by Geico for new vehicles? I’m a believer of a rainy day funds VS investing hundreds or thousands in extended warranties that may never be used and am therefore inclined to decline this coverage that would expire at 7 years / 100,000 miles. Does...