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  1. Speedometer reading 6 mph at stop

    I had a truck that did that. It ended up being a bad speedometer. Kevin
  2. Dipstick read is a pain...

    That’s how my son gauges the oil level on his old 4.0 Cherokee. Kevin
  3. Hot head liners / sound assassin

    I don’t have the Sound Assassin strips anywhere but under the Hot Heads, but the package is most certainly worth it. It’s a fairly easy install, reduces the interior noise, and helps with cabin temperature control. Kevin
  4. How reliable has your gladiator been?

    2021 Sport S, 2 years & 2 weeks old, over 49k miles, and no mechanical issues. I had the radio replaced, but the replacement still does weird stuff. Still starts every time, goes wherever I want. Kevin
  5. OEM led upgrade question

    That’s a major difference from the OEM headlights… Kevin
  6. Gladiator vs Wrangler

    This is exactly why I have my Gladiator! My DRZ wouldn’t fit in a Ranger, and Lord keep me from a Japanese truck. Besides, my real truck is an F250. ;) Kevin
  7. Flat tow with...

    I, too went with the Maximus 3 tow loops. I think they’re the least obvious option, and easy to install. Kevin
  8. Basic first aid kit

    I just carry some bandages, antiseptic ointment, and aspirin. I'm not much good at treating anything more than a booboo: I pass out at the sight of blood! Kevin
  9. Old school wooden bed rails

    Really? I build up Unistrut frames all the time, and a full-height strut cross is pretty stout. Are you sure it wasn’t flexing against the side of the box? Kevin
  10. Altimeter in my Gladiator

    Sure it will, if you throw it hard enough… Kevin
  11. Where it all began

    I know where there are a couple needing complete restoration…. Kevin
  12. Altimeter in my Gladiator

    I don’t know what kind of phone you have, but the Compass app on an iPhone shows altitude. Kevin
  13. Gladiator as a work truck?

    I use mine as a work truck, but not in the sense that you mean. I regularly commute as far as 3,000 miles with a bed full of tools & equipment for work. Kevin
  14. Clickedy-clackedy noise from front wheels

    Take the playing card out of the spokes. Kevin
  15. Best way for cleaning bugs off windshield/grille

    Turtle Wax Bug & Tar remover does it for me. Spray it on, let it soak a few seconds, and the bugs wipe right off. Even after sitting for a week. Kevin
  16. Any thoughts on what this?

    It’s a plug for one end of the rear bar of the tonneau cover. Looks like a Truxedo Lo Pro cover part. Kevin
  17. Starting Issues after Flat Towing behind RV

    IIRC, you’re not supposed to tow the JT like that. Either flat tow, or all wheels off the ground. Kevin
  18. Radio update "killed" radio

    Be aware that if you are a SiriusXM subscriber, and you have your radio changed, you'll lose your subscription: it's linked to the radio ID, not the vehicle. I was able to convince SiriusXM that I'd had the radio in my JT changed, eventually. Kevin
  19. Key Fob/Horn

    JEEP: Just Expect Every Problem. Especially with electronics! Kevin