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  1. Egr,DPF delete while in mexico.

    Some folks don't have emissions testing. I don't have emissions testing.
  2. Going with 5.13s, one question for the masses

    I've had Nitro 5.13s in my TJ for a few years now, turning bigger tires than they really should, and behind a supercharger. No problems to report
  3. Turbo lag?

    I get the low speed not being in boost, that's the thing with low speed and turbos. And automatics. It's not going to be in boost. That's why I supercharged my TJ vs a turbo. I would largely agree with your assessment that this diesel, and specifically turbos, isn't really as great for off road...
  4. All JT's come with Factory Window Tint?

    Factory rear, 20% front to match (according to my tint guy)
  5. Turbo lag?

    If anybody hasn't seen this, it's a good example of what a proper tune can do and just how much true turbo lag is left in a complete street start situation, there's no brake-boosting going on here.
  6. What anti-freeze for the 3.0?

    MS.90032 OAT Concentrate PN: 68163848AB The manual states the MS.90032, which is their own internal standard. There's also a 50/50 premix of the same stuff which attributes a different standard to it. I don't know what that number is off hand. It looks to be the one that @rharr posted above...
  7. Dipstick read is a pain...

    I add oil to my 4.0 when it starts ticking on cold start lol. I had a 2011 Mini Cooper S R56 a while back... now that was a really bad dipstick. Impossible to read. I don't know when a flat piece of metal fell out of favor... always seemed pretty straight forward.
  8. 4WD not working with Tazer

    Some have full-time but all have part-time? I shouldn't really contribute to this conversation at all, I'm just curious. So if you have the optioned full-time but also part-time case and put it in part time 4x4 with the lever, is it actually physically locked front the rear like on a part-time...
  9. 4WD not working with Tazer

    This is why I like part time cases. If the lever is in 4, it's in 4. And if it's not working, you're going to hear it lol. At least I'm assuming the transfer case in the Mojave is full time 4wd...? I admittedly don't know much about it.
  10. EcoDiesel Block Heater Installation

    I'm not sure when the switch happened but I think it was late in the 21 model year... either way, early EcoDiesels in the Gladdy came standard with a block heater but the cord was an option. And for the 22 model year they come without a block heater, and it's not even a factory option. I have a...
  11. Oil Drain Plug

    I never wanted one hanging off the oil pan on my TJ for clearance reasons but I might get one for the ecodiesel. Can you confirm it's an M14-1.5?
  12. Turbo lag?

    As others have said... the lag is 100% artificial, whether that be in TPS modulation or hysteresis in the tuning itself for torque management/fuel economy/emissions. Yes it takes a small amount of time for boost to build, but on modern turbos it's almost instantaneous. Small motors have meant...
  13. Anyone else notice their bed is not centered?

    Kind of all seems like normal tolerances... If you ever set up a full adjustable suspension ie all 10 links and really try to get the alignment perfect you'll see just how out of square an entire vehicle can be. The solution is to fix it yourself. I'm not saying whether you should or shouldn't...
  14. Since the JT is NOT considered a true 1/2 Ton

    I only skimmed this thread, but just a reminder the Comanche could be had as an actual one ton. A metric tonne, at that.
  15. This popped off my Jeep

    Bingo! That saved me some time searching. Thanks folks
  16. This popped off my Jeep

    I pulled into the garage today and as I hopped out this plastic plug/cap went skipping across the floor. Odd after 5k miles it decides to fall off in my garage. Doesn't look like anything overly important, like a dust shield or something, but I'd like to know where it came from.
  17. First Time Towing Rubicon With Gladiator Rubicon

    With so many people having towing issues, just thought I'd post up my experience this past weekend. (really wed-fri but I have weird days off) First, Glad specs: Spacer lift, 3" front 2" rear. 37x12.5 tires. I don't have my own trailer yet, mostly because I have 6 cars at the moment and no...
  18. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Took the TJ on a little field trip.
  19. Separating Tailgate Letters

    In my experience nothing yields better results than disassembling something, prepping, and painting, so that's what I've always stuck to. And while I've worked with plastidip and hate the stuff, I've got nothing against some quality vinyl! Did you just apply the vinyl then trim into the edges...
  20. Fifteen52 wheel sale!

    A set of those white integrale rally wheels would looks awfully good on my Alltrac...