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  1. Texas Black Texas Trail Edition Wheels $800

    are these still available?
  2. Texas 255/75/17 BFG & stock Rims

    Would you take 750?
  3. First Time Towing Rubicon With Gladiator Rubicon

    Just towed my TJ (X not Rubicon:() as well. No issues, just ran a bit hotter engine temps. The last three trucks I've owned had an overhaul/towing feature which the JTR doesn't have, but it towed just as good as I expected. Currently setting up my TJX for flat towing so I'll be sure to revisit...
  4. Levi's JTR 'Do-Everything' Build

    I might have to take you up on that
  5. Levi's JTR 'Do-Everything' Build

    That's good to know. I've been hesitant on spending big bucks on something that could see a lot of abuse.
  6. Levi's JTR 'Do-Everything' Build

    Nice build! How do you like those Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders? Do they hold up on the trails?
  7. 22 JTR build in TX

    Update #3 Just some small inside stuff Molle pouches for essentials (water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellant, etc.)
  8. 22 JTR build in TX

    Update # 2 Installed the new winch. Decided on the Warn VR EVO 12-S. it comes with a wired remote which can also be wireless. I've actually used it twice so far & I am impressed Also out on the Mopar...
  9. 22 JTR build in TX

    Update #1: Teraflex bed rails & Hi-Lift jack mount (high quality & easy install) Truck bed extender...I bought this on Amazon but decided not to use the...
  10. 22 JTR build in TX

    Starting a build thread because it seems like what all the cool kids are doing. So far only put on some Texas flag decals, stubby antenna & a few other things that I'll post/review once I get some better pictures.
  11. SIDETRACKED - My Sarge Green Texas Trail Edition Build

    That's a sweet Texas Flag sun shade! Where did you get it?
  12. Bed Rail Protector Options

    So far I have found nothing, but I also prefer the metal tread plate look. My search continues...
  13. Oklahoma Mopar 3 piece bumper sell or trade

    Is this still for sale?