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    Slightly over-inflated, but shouldn't hurt the quality of the ride.
  2. How often has your exhaust system done a Regen

    Correct. You can't tell when it's doing it unless you have your instant MPG display up. You'll see a noticeable drop in MPG for about 5-10 minutes. I have a Banks gauge and can see it coming. Usually soot levels get to about 85-88% before it kicks in.
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    And my perverted 12 year old mind was thinking- why doesn't Greg try to hit Marcia? She's not really his sister. 😆
  4. Jeep Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Giving Out Free Rubber Ducks at Detroit Auto Show

    I wonder if they needed a Max Tow to get that giant duck there.
  5. New to the family from South Texas!

    Welcome from central Texas! (WacKo!) LOL!
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    Yes, the round headlights are much better. Wait, there's a Jeep in this picture?
  7. Happy with the miles per gallon

    Has to be diesel. I just did a 3000 mile trip, no trailer, stock tires and got 28.43 mpg.
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    LOL. That's a public service announcement!
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    I remember those days, only I didn't get off until 1700. Go salary they said, you'll make more money they said. LOL!
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    All us old, retired/semi-retired guys. LOL!
  11. Still impressed with this truck

    Speedo is spot on to GPS and various road construction/slow down signs. The Sport S is governed higher because of the tires it comes with.
  12. Still impressed with this truck

    I've read that somewhere. I have a Sport S. It came with the "street tires" which I put on for this trip. Usually I keep some Willys MT takeoffs on it.
  13. Still impressed with this truck

    I agree. I have a Banks gauge to monitor all that. On really long trips like the one I took, you can see the soot level slowly go down.
  14. Still impressed with this truck

    Just took a long (3000 miles) trip this past week and found myself on a section of road with a posted 80 mph speed limit. No one around, so I got her up to the "ton" to see how she would do. Smooth and steady, and had a lot more in her if I wanted. I know Jeeps aren't made for this, but it...
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    Best Is best urban Ghillie suit ever
  16. Ford Maverick

    Huh. Just saw a car carrier full of white one's a few days ago in Iowa. Was curious about them as I hadn't heard about 'em.
  17. Where would you put your trailer brake controller?

    So, I went in this direction, following some of the advice I got here. It's not for the faint of heart; you have to be spot on while drilling the hole and there's a fair amount of support plastic on the back side you need to trim away. Best of both worlds. It's close to hand for emergencies and...
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    Ironically, the first Jeep I owned (ever so briefly) had to be brought home that way.
  19. Virginia Jeep Gladiator/Wrangler front bumper assembly

    I think you're good. Wish you were closer. I just handed my dealer $400 for JUST the bumper cover today.
  20. 2022 Hydro Blue Sport S Altitude

    Woah, that screen is quite the upgrade. Looks stock!