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  1. Affordable Jeep JT, JL and JK Portal Axles???

    Unnecessary height is definitely a negative but wtf are you gonna do with 2" of uptravel? You will be riding on the bumpstops constantly and they will be trying to push you over while crawling. I tried running 3.5" of uptravel on my rear ORIs and it was terrible offroad at speed. Constantly...
  2. Going with 5.13s, one question for the masses

    I did a quick search but couldnt come up with much on the gears. I just remember them advertising for American made shafts
  3. Going with 5.13s, one question for the masses

    Check out Revolution Gear. They are made in the US except for their economy line of axle shafts. They used to be affiliated with Superior gear before they went under. I used a set to regear a Dana 30 and they set up well.
  4. Do rear springs index like the front?

    IIRC the rears just slip in there
  5. Heated Steering Wheel??

    Yup. After experiencing it in the wife's Movaje that was a stipulation for my JTRD. Nothing like a chilly fall drive through the mountains with the windows down and toasty hands
  6. Possible tire scam? maxxis razr mt

    Well, theyre down to $407.57 now :CWL:
  7. Possible tire scam? maxxis razr mt

    What size wheels are you guys planning to run them on? They recommend 9-11.5" Ive run a skinnier wheel than recommended several times and never had any issues.
  8. Possible tire scam? maxxis razr mt

    My tires are only a couple months old but I ordered anyway. I think my 0 offset wheels will handle the extra width just fine. Anyone know the weight on these offhand? Edit: Oof 82.8 lbs
  9. Are you not entertained?

    Non matching spare? Deduct $40k
  10. I let my ASS be used for the 1st time...

    I tap that ASS on the daily as well. Just kidding, I have a Tazer.
  11. AEV spacer lift shipping times?

    Ordered from Northridge but im pretty aure the AEV stuff was drop shipped directly from them. Id say it was under a week. The ride is as awesome as it was before the spacer kit. I haven't gotten around to installing the geo correction brackets on the Mojave yet though.
  12. Weird debris when changing rear axle oil

    The chunk on the top right looks helical like a couple of pinion teeth. How do the gears look when you spin them?
  13. BF KO2 37" Load C vs Load D

    I had planned on the load C but I wasnt paying attention when my local store was price matching. They actually already had a better price than Northridge but I ended up with load D. I'm glad I did since I tow a dump trailer and tend to overload my bed. The diesel doesnt seem to mind the extra...
  14. Anyone else notice their bed is not centered?

    Im wrapping up a custom cage and Motobilt back half on my YJ. Shit was definitely not perfect back in the 80s and its even more crooked after a couple of flops and ramming into tons of rocks. I'm sure they still leave some relatively wide body alignment tolerances these days. If youre worried...
  15. Tazer question for newbie jeep guy

    Leave your ratio as it actually is. You will probably have to adjust the tire size until you are spot on with GPS. Yes, the transmission shift points will change based on the tire size that is entered.
  16. What to do with my Hellcat Gladiator

    I was looking at the receipt from the shop and it shows a JL PCM for almost $3k. Maybe they just slapped in a pre-tuned PCM? They're only about $400 new.
  17. Help - Are these OEM rubicon front springs?

    This is a stock JTRD front spring.
  18. Could you do without PDL’s and PWD’s?

    Nope. Also couldn't go without the 8.4" screen or heated steering wheel/seats
  19. Gear oil?

    The gear ratio doesnt matter as far as the weight of the oil. The difference would be if it has a limited slip or if you tow a lot.
  20. Three fatalities in Gladiator accident on Camp Bird Road near Ouray, CO

    I see tour vehicles like that all the time around here and Moab. Not very safe but they dont do very hard trails. Unfortunately it wouldnt have made a difference whether they were in the cab or not in this situation 😕