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  1. Whats a decent lift w/ shocks under $2k

    Have you looked at the MopAR 2” lift. About $1,600 ish. And you can run 37’s with it. See the pic below
  2. Mojave shocks under a diesel?

    I was at the Overland Expo Mountain last month and meet with the FOX reps. We were talking about their struts with remote reservoirs. The Rep said that one thing to be careful of is “RIDE HEIGHT” on the strut. Due to the floating pistons on the inside. Basically the piston has to stay within a...
  3. Mojave shocks under a diesel?

    Do you still have stock springs and lift?
  4. Mojave shocks under a diesel?

    Not running the Mojave shocks but I am running the he FOX 3.0’s. They are awesome.
  5. ARE Bed Cap Topper weight requires upgrading to taller rear springs / spring spacers?

    I did not have to add anything due to the camper top. But I will add that I have the MOPAR 2" lift. But nothing other than that.
  6. Recall Z86 : Backup Camera software recall

    Yeah it pretty common defect. I went through 3 cables and was about to get my iPhone replaced. Then found out it’s also a software problem. Not sure how because the front one works.
  7. Method 105 or 106?

    Take a look at the 703’s you might actually be impressed.
  8. Recall Z86 : Backup Camera software recall

    Yeah and if they could now just fix the center console usb/iPhone disconnecting. I would be really happy
  9. Mojave from F150?

    I came to the Gladiator “Diesel” from a 2012 F-150 ecoboost. Jeep are Jeeps nothing else like it. Full size pickups are all the same from 50 feet away. But you can spot a Jeep from any field of view. Unless it’s those bullshit India made knock offs. Jeeps are really the Jack of all trades...
  10. Recall Z86 : Backup Camera software recall

    2021 Gladiator recall for the backup camera software. Call FCA and ask about Z86. New radio software update to fix.
  11. Trying to think through front spring options

    If you have the 3.5L engine. One possibility is look at getting a set of the Diesel engine springs and shocks. They are rated for the heavier engine and should be a bolt on option.
  12. YOUR Jeep soundtrack... YOUR first choice while on the road or trail

    I agree. I was trying to find that version.
  13. Ugly or no?

    “No honey your ass makes the jeans look skinny “
  14. Fire Fire! My Gladiator burned down

    Congratulations on you qualifying for a brand new Jeep, in care of your local freindly Jeep dealership! That’s pretty nice of them!
  15. Teraflex 1.5" leveling kit with Mopar lift kit?

    @OHJeeper , it been a couple of months since you did the Mopar lift with the teraflex. How’s it worked out so far? Thinking of putting in the teraflex 1.5. Did you do any other suspension mods. I have the Mopar 2” for diesel and it still rakes. I put on Fox 3.0 shocks and those turned the the...
  16. Pentastar or 3.0l?

    As all on here have said. What is your priority first and for most. Then budget. The torque is unmatched in the price range and if not get a Banks derringer and Pedro monster. Game Over, at that point. You’ll probably be pushing close to 550ft lbs of TQ at 1500rpm. NO I DONT NOT HAVE A PRINTED...
  17. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    I updated the iOS last week. Still having disconnect issues. If anything it got worse. I even bought a new cable it got so bad. How ever the front USB works fine. No disconnects at all.