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  1. JT Gladiator and Suzuki Samurai Rock Crawling Near Shaver Lake, CA (VIDEO)

    For those interested my wife and I just complete two trails near Shaver Lake, CA. I drove the JT and she drove the Suzuki. The JT is on a 3” Synergy MFG life with 38” Milestars.
  2. Easter Jeep Safari 2021 Trail Videos

    Just wanted to share some of the videos from my recent trip to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. I will keep updating this post as I add more videos (Working on editing more). If any one has any additional videos to share from EJS this year feel free.
  3. JT through the Rubicon Trail

    Part 1 of my Rubicon Trail video. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. JT on 38s wheeling the Red Lake Trail (Video)

    This trip was sort of a crazy one. We ended up making the best of it and had a blast though.
  5. JT wheeling and crawling for memorial day

    I had so much fun on this trip even though we had a problem early on.
  6. Rock Sliders On A Bed Rack?!

    I just finished up version 2 of my custom build bed rack. I think I might be the first person to ever incorporate rock (or more likely tree) sliders into a bed rack.
  7. Invictus MOLLE Panels (Review And Installation)

    For those that are looking into some additional storage these MOLLE panels from Invictus Off Road are a great solution. They are made in the USA and are top notch quality. For more details see the video below.
  8. Light Bar & Pod Light How To Install With Wireless Key FOB

    I know that there are tons of people who know how to do this but maybe there are a few on this forum who might not know how. In this video I show you how to install both a light bar on the bumper and light pods underneath the windshield. I also used two different wiring methods by tying the...
  9. Custom Built Aluminum Bed Rack

    There are so many different bed rack options out there on the market today. I decided to build my own out of aluminum! What do you guys think?
  10. Installing Synergy MFG's Tie Rod & Stabilizer Relocation (VIDEO)

    I installed the last piece of the Synergy MFG steering upgrades the tie rod and steering stabilizer relocation. I previously already had their drag link, track bar/brackets.
  11. VIDEO Testing Selec Speed Control (Off Road Cruise Control)

    This is a great feature of the Gladiator that I don't really see many people talking about!
  12. (VIDEO) Wheeling near Shaver Lake, CA

    Took the truck up to Bald Mountain near Shaver Lake, CA.
  13. Towing with 3" lift and 38s stock gears

    Here are my impressions of towing with a 3" lift and 38" Patagonias.
  14. (VIDEO) Off Road Exploring in Pozo, CA

    Took the truck exploring last weekend in Pozo, CA. Found a few good hill climbs. Brought my wifes KLX 110L. It was really nice to be able to haul the bike and take the truck on some trails.
  15. VIDEO Rock Crawling Hell Hole Trail!

    I finally got the full wheeling video out. This was my first trip out withe the truck lifted and on 38s.
  16. 3" Lift and 38s!!!! And went rock crawling!

    I finally got my Gladiator lifted and on 38" tires! I took it rock crawling right away. Stay tuned that wheeling video is coming soon! So stoked on how it performed. Details in this video.
  17. Sh*t Gladiator Owners Say (Parody Video)

    I had a blast making this video. I don't normally make videos like this. You all know you have said or heard said a lot of this haha
  18. California Rubicon Gladiator Take Offs A/Ts SOLD

    Looking for $1000 for all 5. Located near San Luis Obispo, CA. 1,200 miles on them, no scratches
  19. Custom Aluminum Winch Bumper

    I built a custom aluminum winch bumper for my Gladiator. All I have left to do is cut the hole for the fair lead when I actually get my winch.
  20. Gladiator Playing at Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach)

    Got to take my Gladiator to the dunes and play around a bit. I'm not normally a dune guy but this was fun