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  1. 2023 build and price is up - Sticker shock!!

    Did a quick search and didn't see it mentioned. The 2023 build and price is up. After the price increases in 2022 I had to do another comparison to my 2021 build. So my 2021 Willys had an MSRP of $49,750 Exact build 2022: $55,470 Exact build 2023: $57,030 A $7300 increase in two years. That...
  2. Punk'n returns for 2023 - And other 2023 changes

    This should make some people pretty damn happy. High Velocity and Earl are also coming. Earl is going to be a limited run unlike being an all year color like on the Wrangler. /we-get-a-sneak-peak-at-the-changes-coming-for-the-2023-jeep-gladiator-jt/']We Get A Sneak Peak At The Changes Coming...
  3. Harbor Freight 25% off coupon - Today only (5/30/22)

    Harbor Freight has a 25% off coupon available for use today only. If you were looking for a deal on their Apex winch here you go.
  4. Arcus bumper fog light bracket issue

    Wondering if anyone has run across this with the fog light brackets with the Arcus bumper. If you look at the first pic everything snugs up fine. In the second pic you can see the tabs from the heat sink are right against the bracket before even tightening. Thoughts??
  5. PRP seat covers back color

    For those of you that ordered PRP seat covers. If you went with a color other than all black did you match your seat back to the arm color?? Or to the center color?? Pics if you have them.
  6. May the 4th Be With You

    Happy Star Wars Day to my fellow nerds!!!
  7. Urban Jeep Tailgate Badge Installed

    Finally had a chance to get my tailgate badge from @Urban Jeep Outfitters installed. Bought it on Black Friday so it's been too cold. Install was pretty easy with their included template. With that being said this is a rough job for anyone who is remotely OCD. I measured and remeasured more...
  8. Things you don't notice at first - Or for a while

    Thirteen months and over 13k miles and this morning I noticed for the first time ""Since 1941" pops up where the gear indicator by the tach is at start up. Reminded me of a few months ago just noticing that when you change the climate controls the little icon on the display changes depending...
  9. Delaware Sold: Rubicon Fox shocks and spring lot

    For sale is a set of Rubicon Fox shocks. They have approximately 5k miles on them. Also included is a lot of springs. Included are... Set of four Willys springs Set of two rear Rubicon springs Set of two front max tow springs $150 takes it all. Local pickup in the central Delaware area...
  10. GMRS license fee has finally dropped

    There has been talk about this for a while. The FCC has finally dropped the price of a GMRS license to $35 The FCC GMRS license fee has finally dropped
  11. Jeep 4XE Announcement 2-13-22

    Saw this on Instagram. Any speculation??
  12. 3.0L "Tornado" Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models

    This will probably be what our 4XE is based on. 3.0L "Tornado" Straight-Six Engine Coming to Ram 1500, Various Jeep Models December 27, 2021 It’s been a heck of...
  13. Diver Down seat covers - Disappointed

    Took advantage of Quadratec's one day sale on the Diver Down seat covers last week. These have rarely been in stock and I was surprised to see they actually were available. Placed my order and they arrived in two days. Well I went to start the install and the first thing I noticed on one of...
  14. 2022 Wrangler build and price up

    It's far from complete. Lots of things missing like the XR package. 2022 Gladiator B&P should be coming soon. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Build and Price
  15. Discount Tire to aquire Tire Rack

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Discount Tire, a leading independent retailer of tires and wheels, is acquiring Tire Rack, a leading independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories. Full Story
  16. Diver Down seat covers 10% off at Quadratec -12/2/2021 only

    Today (December 2nd 2021) only. Diver Down Seat Covers
  17. Quadratec alloy wheels 15% off today only (11/30/2021)

    Quadratec Alloy Wheels
  18. A few quick proximity door lock retrofit questions

    Tons of threads on this subject. But really hard digging through trying to get answers. So a few quick questions. Can you do just the drivers side front door without issue?? Don't feel the need to do the passenger door. IS there an easy way to tell if you need the two jumper wires without...
  19. So is the Max Tow package available on all Sport based models for 2022??

    Was just glancing over the 2022 Fleet Guide again. Unless I'm reading it wrong it looks like the max tow package is available on all Sport based models. Including Sport, Sport S, Willys Sport, Willys and Texas Trail. If you look at some of the other package descriptions, it specifies which...
  20. MPG hit with Toyo AT3s 35x11.5x17 with 3.73s??

    First off no I didn't buy the Gladiator as a fuel efficient vehicle. But MPG is a legitimate concern with ever rising gas prices. Every MPG helps. So I see the Toyo AT3s in 35x11.5x17 are a pretty popular size on the Gladiator. Just wondering how much of a hit you took, if any, on your gasser...