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  1. Pics of the new Hurricane twin-turbo I-6 engine live at Stellpower

    Spark plug change will be, interesting.
  2. Three fatalities in Gladiator accident on Camp Bird Road near Ouray, CO

    The Durango newspaper is reporting that the driver was an employee of Colorado Western Jeep Rentals as a tour driver. Speculation abounds but facts are few. The Colorado SP has the area closed & is investigating. Prayers up for all.
  3. Colorado Trip Advice

    Naturally it varies depending on the winter & snow accumulation. The county tends to clear as soon as practicable providing for safety.
  4. Bug shield hood protector for the 2022 Mojave?

    Have you checked the Bushwacker - Trail Armor # 14093?
  5. 3 for 3. My wife’s now too afraid to drive the Gladiator.

    Great post & worthwhile information. I had much the same conversation with my local Jeep service manager in February of this year. I was shopping a trade on a 2021 Mojave with about a thousand miles on the ODO & had contacted him for insight. He highly recommended the 3.6 for the use he knew...
  6. Carhartt universal rear bench cover...anyone have them in your JT?

    I need to clarify my post, I was referring to the Viewpets rear seat cover illustrated by JEEPmonkey in post #2. Apologize for the confusion.
  7. Carhartt universal rear bench cover...anyone have them in your JT?

    I purchased this cover based on your recommendation & am 100% satisfied. I installed it 4 days ago & our Golden Retriever has been a frequent occupant. Super easy to install & remove, wipes down easily. Most bang for the $ cover I've ever used. Many Thanks
  8. Mojave leaky shock

    I had a passenger side rear shock drooling from the top of the reservoir. Dealership replaced under warranty along with the ECU update. Noticeable improvement on ruts & washboards, less bounce from poor recoil dampening. My Mojave is a 21 & just turned 4K. I happened to be checking my axle...
  9. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    Jglad15; Great to hear the flash was successful. Unfortunately I don't think we'll hear a peep from Jeep pertaining to the success/fail ratio on this flash much less a warning advisory prior to attempting the flash. The consequences & possible risk of not receiving a flash were elaborated by...
  10. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    Lacking further positive information I'd have to say this constitutes the service department taking a known risk as addressed in the Star Online Publication above in post #67. My appointment for the Z37 is Aug. 4th, If my appointment were tomorrow I think I'd follow Hootbro's lead in post #70...
  11. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    Excellent contribution to this thread. It confirms the existence of this problem and that corporation is in contact with the service departments with a tentative solution. Some questions will go unanswered but we know there is substantive issue solving being addressed.
  12. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    GWIZZ, Sir I'd like to express my appreciation for your contribution to this thread. Everybody knows forums are the modern equivalent of a Wailing Wall but this is how information is initiated and circulated and your experience illustrates a learning as well as a teaching moment. Please...
  13. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    My PCM is a GPEC5 as I related on page one referring to my Z37 notice. It would appear there is no clean line/date on the GPEC5 changeover. This may prove to be a commonality.
  14. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    I just looked at the customer satisfaction letter copied on page one of this thread & it states "Z-37". The Z-37 was just published this June & is the same as my VIN # reflects for service & is referred to above in reply #34. I'm going to speak with the service manager this week & report what...
  15. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    I just got off the phone with Pat Murphy Jeep here in Durango, CO. I was advised they were aware of this Satisfaction Campaign & had performed this update with no problems. I am scheduled for Aug. 4th due to heavy service schedule t the dealership.
  16. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    I just ran my VIN on MOPAR & I'm also affected, manufacture date 9/21.
  17. Throttle body recall for 21-22 gladiators

    This has me concerned as I have a late '21 Mojave with the GPEC5 PCM. I purchased it slightly used with 1K mileage & am wondering if/how I might ascertain if this notification applies to my JT. Anybody have information on the vin# range or dates of manufacture?
  18. Tacoma vs. Gladiator

    I made the switch from a 2018 TRD OR manual transmission to a 21 Mojave AT this last February. To explain my reasoning I need to furnish a bit of background. I'll be 80 years old in a couple of months & my wife isn't too far behind. We were both reared in Southern Nevada & were neighbors as...