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  1. Interesting update from dealer / Chrysler on Misfire Issue

    I was very clear, you said "Jeep/Chrysler doesn't have a fix yet" and "Jeep/Chrysler are looking into the cause" Then just pushed that aside and went into catastrophic ends with exploding engines. The letter that came out stated clearly in it that "The PCM is not recognizing and logging the...
  2. Interesting update from dealer / Chrysler on Misfire Issue

    It doesn't really matter if it fixes the problem or not. You can't make a blanket statement that "There is nothing the dealer or Jeep can do". Jeep IS trying to do something. The first step is the reflash so the computer will RECOGNIZE and RETAIN the misfire. Before the flash the computers...
  3. Interesting update from dealer / Chrysler on Misfire Issue

    Your dealer is full of it and himself. They do have a computer reflash that Jeep has been sending letters out to owners to get.
  4. California Brand New AWE Tread Edition Available $950

    He hasn't been around since the day after he joined and posted it for sale.
  5. Rubicon fenders on sport s non max tow

    Just going to 0 offset alone, no other changes, you're moving almost 2" outward with the wheel. Assuming the new wheels are wider then it will sit out a little further. If you go with a wider tire, then the bulge over the wheel will set you out further.
  6. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Yup, turn your heat down, you won't have to move as fast. I don't know what wire you're using but I would recommend ER-70 1/8". You don't have to do it all in one pass. Keep your bead tight and you can do multiple passes, stacking them as you go. Good night.
  7. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Turn your wire speed down on your MIG, you should like the results ;)
  8. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Okay, from your initial comment I was picturing a solid tube frame rail to frame rail. What I would suggest to add strength, cut square washers whatever fits between the inside legs of the frame rail. Then cut holes to tightly fit the OD of the round tube. Weld a washer on the end of one of the...
  9. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    Okay, after thinking about it for a minute, you might be able to save the Artec mount. I would lose the fancy looking gusset. Get some 1/4" flat stock, big enough to cut a triangle out of with equal length legs. If you can make the legs long enough for the one coming out to flush above the...
  10. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    How would you be attaching it to the frame? Mechanical or welded? Is it going to be mounted on each frame rail? These frames are designed to flex and twist some, so you may take flexibility away and a problem may show up elsewhere. From what I've read from you, you're very intelligent, not...
  11. Shattered my rear window

    I have found when I open my Sunrider that if I crack the rear windows I have no buffeting.
  12. Practical Truck for the Over Prepared Woman

    @Kindafearless I fear you will be repairing that again. My personal opinion from a CWI in the piping world, the metal is too thin for the stresses being put on it. You drive your truck like it's meant to be driven. With the bigger tires and the hydraulic steering assist, the stresses in...
  13. Shattered my rear window

    I'd be more interested in a rear window with NO slider in it. Would have to be cheaper and I never use the slider.
  14. Mopar Cabin Air Filter For Diesel

    There is enough room in a 3.6 for the two smaller filters too, K&N offers their cabin filters for the JT this way. Yes, the MOPAR/Wix filter is EXTREMELY flexible, can be squeezed to about 1" - 1-1/2" wide. Word of advice, Wix MAKES the OEM filter and labels it MOPAR, no need to pay more if...
  15. Mopar Cabin Air Filter For Diesel

    It makes sense that everything inside the cabin SHOULD be the same across the board. That way after a certain point on the line(s) all assembly and parts would be the same.
  16. Worst Dealership Ever! New windshield install info

    Dealership won't do it. SafeLite or such will do the repair. As to the ACC, if there was no impact to the windshield or frame right at the sensor location, no recalibration is necessary.
  17. Bestop granite series rock rails

    Don't lean on them too hard. They're not even 1/8" thick steel. Most of the good ones are 3/16"-1/4" thick steel.
  18. Altimeter in my Gladiator

    That would be trajectory and ballistics, and bricks suck at that too....
  19. Altimeter in my Gladiator

    It'll never fly, bricks can't fly.....
  20. Stupid lighting for a Chase Rack

    If you add amber strip light your knueter valve will implode. If you only run 5 lights the Taco drivers will be mean and make fun of you.